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Sever Neck & head pain

I have been having server head (back of head) and neck pain for about 4-5 weeks. I have had no relief of pain. I was hospitilzed in Feb for 3-4 days, and they say that I just have a cluster migrain. I keep telling tell that this is not my tiypical mygrain! it is different! I have sever head pain that sometime runs to my shoulder. I have to go to the hospital about every two weeks or so, just to get relief. The only thing that helps me is Dulated (morphine) They did find a bulbing disk, a couple of hernated disks and a bulg that is pressing on my spinal cord. But the Neuologist sayshat it is not enogh to cause this pain. I get shot up with painmeds for the hospital and then sent home. A couple of days later I get the pain back! I feel like someone has hit me in the head with a baseball bat! and I feel like screaming! Do you have any answers for me!  signed in pain
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How old are you?

Have you had any history of previous trauma before?

The herniated disks that they were able to identify ,which part of the spine was this located?

Differentials for your case will be a cervicogenic headache, a migraine headache without aura and occipital neuralgia. Occipital neuralgia presents with severe pain usually at the back of the head.This type of headache is usually associated with a previous history of trauma.You may discuss this with your physician. Nerve blocks were shown to have given a degree of relief for severe cases. Some nerve blocks may offer relief for months.The blocks may be given repeatedly depending on headache severity.

Diagnosis of occipital neuralgia may at most times rely on clinical presentation and response to therapy.With severe pain at  the back of the head,then occipital neuralgia may be a sound differential.
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Hello, Thanks for the information! I am 38 years old. I was in a car accident in 2002. These are all in my C-spine area! I have 3 herniations and 1 bulging disk. They all don't think this is causing to problem! Everyone is calling this a migraine. I have a history of cluster headaches! But this one is very different! I have had the Occipital nerve block, which lasted 3 days!. I have tried Physical therapy and that didn't help, it really made it worse.  I have been in and out of the hospital several times. Diluadid is the only medication that will even get the pain under control. I feel like a creature on a horror movie. I'm on 2400 mg. of muscle relaxations and they are tying me on Lyrica 75mg x 3 a day! They say I also have fibromialgia to! I just need answers!
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