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Severe headache and frontal pressure x 2wks

I am a 27 year old male and I have had a headache for over 2 and half weeks off and on and for 4 days persistantly. I have went to the E.R. twice and they did two CTs, one without contrast and one with contrast of my head and sinuses, they were normal. The problem is I still have a headache mainly in the forehead that causes minor pains to the back of my head occasionally, but with a lot of pressure in my forehead and in between my eyes, This gets worse when I lay down or bend over forward. I have a history of sinus problems and head aches but never lasting this long and usually motrin gets rid of it. I do have a little congestion but without signs of infection and do have occasional sneezing but no fever or stiff neck. My question is if the CTs were negative for tumors and sinusitis and the doctors are not worried about meningitis, what else could be causing these symptoms? could it still be sinus related even though there is no sinusitis? Please help I will be seeing my family doctor in a couple of days but I do not know what else they can do, any Ideas please tell me. Thanks
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Hope you are feeling better.
Your symptoms are quite characteristic of sinusitis. Frontal headache which gets exacerbated on bending forwards and lying down along with runny nose and cold are the symptoms typical of sinusitis.
X rays and CT scans are not very useful in the early cases of sinusitis. Usually four view sinus X rays are useful in diagnosis of sinusitis. CT scan is not very useful in diagnosing acute sinusitis. I would suggest you to discuss with your family doctor about the usefulness of four view X rays in your case.
I would suggest you to take steam inhalation few times a day and see if it helps.
Hope this helps!
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Thank you for reviewing my post, My family doctor said that at this point he did not think I had an infection but that did not mean I did not have an acute attack of sinus inflammation causing my headache and pressure. He put me on nasal spray and Lohist to try and help. I will try the steam inhalation, I will try anything at this point if it helps the headache and pressure. I started sneezing really bad last night and my nose instantly stopped up so maybe I have been working up to an infection. Thank you very much for your response.
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I hope that you are feeling better, but something that might help is taking a magnesium supplement for a few days it works wonders for headaches. I am speaking from recent  personal experience. Hopefully the nasal spray will help also. Feel better!
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I saw your recent post to another member & wondered if you could give me some advise.

I have had a constant headache for over 3 weeks. Not severe just a dull headache. I went to Spain had a vertigo attack and from that got a migraine. Came back to UK went to my doctor. She said that it was a migraine but has developed into 'tension headache' caused mostly by my anxiety. I've seen her 3 times each time the same answers. I went to see another GP at the surgery & this doc said the same. I have suffered for years with health anxiety over any syptom i get. It completey rules my life. I am trying all sorts of relaxing therapy.

Headache pain killers do not work. GP said its because my condition is creating the headache, therefore pain killers won't work.... What can I do to get some relief???/

2 years ago I had a brain scan because I had headaches for couple of weeks. That was all clear except for evidence of an old sinus infection. My doctor has said that she does not want me to go down that road again as she feel's it is anxiety. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Please help!!!

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Sorry my headaches are as follow:

preasure in temples
creepy crawly sensation in scalp
slight stabbing pain in different places

Headaches are never severe just constant.

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Hi Kathyann 100,

Thanks for writing in.
A pressure headache in the temple region does raise the suspicion of sinusitis especially since you have a history of sinusitis. More so since the pain killers do not seem to be working. It is also important to rule out ear infection also.
I would suggest you to continue with the self relaxation therapies to keep your anxiety levels to minimum. You can also try steam inhalation 3-4 times a day and see if it helps with your symptom. If it does help it is most likely an old sinus infection acting up again. Other causes of pain in the temple region include allergies and TMJ. Do you have a history of allergies? Also do you clench your teeth?

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Oh my god you are so reassuring. Yes I do clench my teeth due to anxiety, i feel myself doing that constantly.

I shall do the steam inhalation and see how that goes. My ears, when I swallow, do crack, I have always suffered from Cattarh... I also suffer from allergies. I take a antihistimean for it occasionally. What pain killers could I use for sinus problems??

Thank you so much for your advice i really appreciate it.

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Sorry what is TMJ???

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TMJ stands for temperal mandibular joint in other words your jaw which the joint is located directly below your temple. If this joint gets inflamed do to teeth grinding or bacteria and even sinusitis it can cause pain in your temple and even headaches. Grinding your teeth can cause this joint to become inflamed and can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes but not always with TMJ you can feel discomfort when you open your mouth all the way and or feel a popping sensation that usually hurts a little.  just because your jaw doesn't pop when you open it does not mean you do not have TMJ but can be a symptom. If your doctor suspects TMJ they perscribe an anti-inflammatory. Also you may want to think about using a mouth gaurd when you sleep to minimize teeth grinding for which this will continue to aggrivate your TMJ. Hope this helps
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Hi Kathyann,

People with TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder as rightly explained have a history of clenching their teeth or chewing gum all day. Please discuss this possibility also with your treating doctor.
In sinus usually a combination of pain killer and decongestant like Sinex, Advil cold and sinus, Tylenol sinus maximum strength, and Aleve cold and sinus are prescribed for relief.

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Many thanks for your advise. I will do what you have advised and let you know how it pans out.

Thank you again.

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