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Skull pain and soft tissue loss.

Im a 46 years old female and have had headaches/skull pain everyday for 2 years. I do not smoke,drink or do drugs. Now my all my bones ache. I've seens nuroligest the said it's not Mirgraines but not sure since MR's and CT's come back normal. Now to add to the pain it's in my face, jaw and chin is the worst. I have 8 indindtaions on my face where I can see that soft tissue is gone leaving inditations. They hurt and feel like a burn sort off even my lips hurt. I don't get to see the doc but every 6 months and only have a few minutes with him and it's never the same doc which why they don't know hoe I use to look from before. But he's said he's not sure and orders blood work.  Blood work comes back with low albumin. I also keep having bladder infections for no reason one went to my kidneys and was in hospital for 10 days. What could be going on. My face is starting to look like a monster when use to have a flawless face and skin. Everyday it's worse and worse one whole side of face is sinking in now. How can I get docs to believe me?Please help!!
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Thanks for writing in.
It is possible that you are suffering from neuropathy since you are complaining of burning around the lips. Did you get tested for diabetes or B12 deficiency? Since these are two important causes of peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy can cause scalp pain as well.
Since your CT scan and MRI have been normal it is very unlikely that you are suffering from any neurological disorder. Please discuss this possibility with your treating doctor and see if it helps.
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  l have perigheral nuropathy and l am not a diabetic, but l receive B12 shots monthly and l have been having alot of problems with my mouth, tissue loss extreme headaches, burning in my mouth, have been to doctor after doctor and been admitted for low oxegyn saturation !  l am at a loss and find this situation causing a deep depression.  Could you please help me?

yours truly

Sandi Ellis_Booth
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