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Sore Spot?

Alright so I woke up today and found that I have sore spot or soft spot on my head. If you touch it, it hurts. My health history is pretty complicated. I have Psoriasis, TMJ, an out of aligned jaw (I'm getting corrective jaw surgery soon for it), a very minor case of arthritis (it's off and on), and some other more minor issues. I've also had off and on (more on than off) headaches the last couple of months. I work at a coffee shop where I have my hair up in a tight pony tail and I work about twenty hours a weekI have a family history of back and neck problems but when it comes to brain stuff... There's been nothing like this that I know of. I've never had a concussion either and my brain has been pretty healthy to my knowledge. I don't know if that would affect anything but I figure for the best advice you should know any family health history that I can think of. Hope you can help...
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I forgot to mention that I have had very sensitive eyes too! The sun doesn't even have to be out and my eyes will hurt randomly.
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I'm sorry to hear about your problems.  Try wearing you ponytail loose or in a twist bun to see if you are pulling on your scalp causing your problem.

I also sounds like you need more sleep.  Sleep deprivation can also cause headaches.  Is your pillow worn or comfortable (you mentioned neck and back issues)?

Have you see your doctor about your problems?  If not, you might want to let him/her know.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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