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Stuttering only with headaches

Hi all, I've been experiencing migraines for years but recently they have changed and I've had many weird symptoms that so far are undiagnosed. The past few months I've noticed
That I stutter when I have these headaches at first it was only a little however now it's very bad and it's like I cant get my words out and I lose my train of thought very easily and sometimes I can think for a couple of minutes and them remember what I was trying to say or do and there are other times where I just have to give up bc I can't get it to come back to me. Other symptoms I've experienced are falling, dropping things, numbness/tingling  of left side from head to toe, I can't seem to read and retain info like I usually do, I get very dizzy, nauseous, tired, can't drive bc I've had blackouts and can't work bc of my condition. I also have noticed that sometimes the simplest words I don't recognize when I try to read like "prize" I look at it like its a foreign word sound it out and then feel so stupid when I figure it out. I'm very forgetful which isn't me. My body shakes sometimes as hard as convulsions but no history of seizures. My vision changes very fast I can read one sentence fine and a second later I have to use my glasses, magnifying glass and be very close to make out what I'm trying to read. What in the world could this be? I don't have insurance so my neurologist said that I have severe stress that could be causing this, counselor says severe major depression but even with that the neuro symptoms are alarming. I'm stuck bc I have no income, haven't been legally deemed disabled, not pregnant, no kids so I don't qualify for medicaid. I'm very concerned at how bad my stuttering is this is not normal for me as I don't have a speech impediment normally. Oh and I forget where I'm at sometimes the sad thing is it happens in my bedroom at times and I honestly have no clue where I'm at and I panic this just doesn't seem right and scares me. Any info or advice?
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Sometimes I have stuttering issues too and my headaches are constant too. some days i find myself tripping over words and searching my brain to find the right word. i have had some form of head pain everyday for the last 2 years lately it was unexplained ear pain. most of that time i had no ins,and didn't qualify for any aid because i am single and have no children. if i felt scared about my headaches i went to the er and just took the hit. now i have ins i finally found an ent who took me seriously and has ordered an mri he says i have symptoms of ms. i had a ct scan with contrast in the er and it shows that i have an artery abnormality in the area of my trigeminal nerve but a ct does not show ms lesions. anyways i wanted to let you know you are not alone
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Thank you so much I had wondered about a possibility of MS. I honestly don't know what to do and I'm glad that I'm not alone bc there is nobody else around me that fully understands the degree of these symptoms and the emotional and physical toll it takes on the body. I'm so tired of feeling so bad. My head hurts so bad right now and nothing is relieving it plus I have the stutter which frustrates me. I hope I can get some answers soon. Thanks for your reply.
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Hi I have suffered for the last year with similar symptoms without the shaking and the head pain. I was told that I had a migraine with aura although I did not have a migraine last October. Then I was told that I had had a stroke in the December, I too can not wok or drive as I can not concentrate for very long at all,cant read, struggle to make a coherent sentence when tired . I am now under a London hospital that deals with the brain only, they are talking about a silent Migraine and do not think it was a stroke or MS(which had also been mentioned). As I learn more I will update you, take care  
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Thank you so much for your response. Yes please do keep me posted. Can I add you as a friend so we can share info as we learn more about our illness? I'm sorry you are experiencing this same thing, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Prayers for answers.
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  I was so scared I thought I had a tuma or something I was always stressing out alot
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iwas so scared I thought I had a tuma or something
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Hi Jen, did you ever get anywhere with your search for answers? I experience some of the same issues with my headaches, like trouble focusing, finding words, forgetting something I just read, etc.
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