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Topamax and Tendon Pain in Hands, Wrists?

I recently jumped from about 25mg/50mg to 100mg a day of topamax.  Since then, I have whan my doctor has says is tendonitis in both hands, wrist and middle arms.  Strange I think.  I have taken a strong anti-inflammatory, and then the steriod pack, heat, ice, etc, etc, rest, arms splints all that for 2 weeks.  No change.  Still top of hands, top of wrists looks swollen, hurts to bend wrists.  Tingling (pins and needles) sensensation.  

Has anyone experienced a rare topamax side affect with tendon pain in these areas?  Thanks in advance.
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I did experience a little joint pain in the elbows and wrists when I jumped to a higher dose.  The pins and needle sensations came stronger and more often as well.  In my feet it felt like bee stings, ouch.  I did some digging online and found in the clinical trails potassium helped with the tingling so I tried that.  I started out by just trying to add potassium rich foods to my diet and saw a difference on those days.  Now I take a supplement high in potassium daily and the pins and needles is gone and the pain in the elbows and wrists only appears during bad weather.

I've had issues with the Topamax making me so loopy and have just come down on my dose because of it.  I'm now experimenting with adding supplements that are suppose to help control migraines with the lower dose of Topamax.

I have also lost the ability to sweat while on Topamax, weird...  I can do without soft drinks that now taste bad but I'd like to have my sweat back please, LOL

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How are you? Arthralgia (joint pain),  paresthesia (sensation of numbness or tingling) , fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and involuntary muscle contractions are some of the side effects observed during intake of topamax or topiramate (ref: http://www.rxlist.com/topamax-drug.htm). Diet modification and supplementation is a good alternative in decreasing the dosage and the associated side effects  of certain medicatons such as topamax. Take care and best regards.
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Decreasing the dosage doesn't seem to be working very well for me :(  Some of the aura symptoms have shown back up almost daily on the 50mg dose and the headache portion of the attacks have gotten worse.  I'm tapering back up to 100mg starting today since this was all controlled, or at least more predictable at that dose.  I'll continue the supplements along with the higher dose.  
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