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Unfamiliar, nearly constant headache in several places?

I'm very familiar with headaches and migraines, but for about the past week, I've been suffering from a headache that I've never felt before.
It's a constant, dull pressure that seems to cover anywhere from my forehead, all the way down to under my nose and over to my temples. It's behind my eyes, down the bride of my nose, and sometimes I can feel it on the top of my head as well. My face isn't tender to the touch, and sinus meds don't help. I'm not sensitive to light or sound, unless it's VERY loud; like someone screaming while they're next to me or a dog barking close by. Occasionally, the pain turns to sharp, almost throbbing pains on my forehead and the top of my head, too. I've also noticed that sometimes it seems to either go away or lessen quite a bit in intensity, but ALWAYS gets worse/comes back after a couple of hours. Ibuprofen hasn't helped either, and it's not my medication, as I've already experimented with how much I take (started a new dose a few days ago) and it's not a side effect that I've dealt with this medication.
I'm not sure what's going on or what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Hi.  I'm rooting for you.  I think it would be worth the financial investment to get a little true medical help with these headaches.  Think of it as getting your life back.  You sound like you are fending for yourself and don't have too many people to lean on too.  I'm sorry about that.  It's hard when that is the case.   Get checked out for sure.   If somewhere hurts on your head, try an ice pack on the area of your head as well.  A physical therapist told me to do this and it was surprisingly helpful for chronic headaches I was having.  Wouldn't be feasible for the face pain but head, give it a try.  Let us know what the doctor says.
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I actually had a good day yesterday pain wise, but today hasn't gone well. I've noticed that very bright light, especially when it's dark, and a ton of really loud noises happening at once seems to trigger it. The pain is ALWAYS in the same places and almost always feel the same. It usually feels like a dull brain freeze, until the sharp pain starts. I'm definitely going to see what I can do to get things checked out. Thank you both for helping me out! If I can get any answers, I'll be sure to let you guys know!
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Sorry to hear about this!  That sounds very uncomfortable. Are you able to sleep with this?  So, see your doctor.  That's, I guess, obvious.  But you've had this for long enough that you should get checked out.  There is something called Trigeminal Neuralgia. This is known to cause face pain.  It's often like electric shock pain but everyone is so different with how things feel to them. There are three areas of it usually.  It doesn't fully match though with what you are describing.  https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/guide/trigeminal-neuralgia#1  But it does a little.  But what is important about it is what if this is a precursor to something else?  I don't want to worry you, but I think you need to make sure. Supposedly, you could have infection in your teeth or jaw that is causing this.  It's all interrelated with nerves. This next link has a very comprehensive listing of all types of headaches. https://headaches.org/resources/the-complete-headache-chart/  Cluster headaches seem a real possibility from your description.  
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I am able to sleep, in fact, sleeping sometimes helps lessen the pain, but not too long after, it comes back. I don't have any sensitivity or pain around my ears, teeth, or jaw. The pain stops around the end of my nose, but it's not under my eyes or on my cheeks. I'd imagine getting in to see the doctor would be rather difficult this time of year, though. I appreciate the response, thank you!
So, a couple of things regarding seeing a doctor.  Every office, doctor's office that is, has acute care appointments. These are for appointments in which someone is sick right now and needs to be seen. They  have whole portions of their day open for this because those patients need to be seen.  Then they have slots of things like physicals or check ups also each day.  But those are usually less of the day, believe it or not.  And when someone is in bad shape, they work patients in.  So, please know your doctor will probably get you in fairly quickly if you state this is a new problem and you are in pain.  Second, there are things called "urgent care" in the states.  They are offices that will see any person who comes in.  They often take insurance or you can do self pay and that is pretty often on a sliding fee scale.  I don't personally go to urgent care often because my insurance gives it a higher copay and my doctor gets me in.  But I have friends that go frequently.  So, that's just 2 cents on seeing a doctor.

The thing that keeps popping up for when the face is involved in a headache, hurting as well, is that it is often nerve related.  This does indeed sound perplexing.  And ibuprofen and Tylenol doesn't help?
I agree with specialmom.

Since you have a history of migraines, do you have a neurologist? If you don't, you should. In the meantime, you need to call your regular doctor and stress that you are experiencing this pain and it's new, and your normal treatments for headaches aren't working. It's urgent enough that they should get you in promptly, and if they don't, go to an urgent care.

If finances are a concern (and when aren't they for any of us?), ask about a payment plan, if needed. But don't wait on this. It may be nothing, or it could be something serious.
I am considering a visit. I'm on sliding scale right now. I never got any appointments with a neurologist for my headaches or migraines because most of the time, they were a result of stopping medications. By the time I was off them for a while and still having them, I didn't have any insurance at all and couldn't afford it.
And none of the meds I've taken have helped. I haven't tried Tylenol, but I have tried ibuprofen, Excedrin Migraine and Excedrin Migraine Extra strength and some sinus stuff. None of those helped.
I know finances are always a concern, and I get it. I was without insurance for a few years, and I know that one medical issue can cost a LOT.

Since nothing is helping, you really need to get this checked. If you need any procedures done, you can compare costs on some different websites.



This lists more sites you can use - https://guides.wsj.com/health/health-costs/how-to-research-health-care-prices/

But don't get ahead of yourself. Just go get checked first.
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