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Very agonizing headache?

Hello, my name is Adam and I am in agony writing this question. 3 days ago I woke up to a really stiff neck. 2 days ago I woke up and it was worse as it was more stiff. And today, it’s got to a point where I can barely turn my neck. Also, the pain causer is when I stand up or move around my head starts to throb in a pulsing pattern. Every time it throbs I feel a sharp stab of pain in my head. Even turning around or sitting up makes my head throb. I can’t take the pain anymore. I suspected I was dehydrated and I have drunk 7 glasses of water today however it hasn’t helped. I have taken 4 paracetamol throughout the day, again not helping one bit. Please help me, I’m a 16 year old male. Thanks.
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Last night at 2am I woke up and needed the toilet. Half way through urinating I felt very very sick. I had to stop urinating and I was sick in my sink. After going back to bed my head was throbbing at a faster rate and after every throb a sharp pain came. This morning, scared to get out of bed, I needed the toilet again. After urinating I was sick in my sink again. Now my head hurts so much. Please someone help my illness is only getting worse, thanks.
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Hi and so very sorry you are ill. It could be a migraine. Do you have a fever? I would go to the doctor or ER to make sure you don't have meningitis if you have a fever. If you haven't been diagnosed with migraine you should go anyway because it could also be something else and they may need to take a brain scan.  If those are negative then they can do an electroencephalogram (EEG) to see if you have migraine pattern in the brain electricity.  But right now it sounds like you may be getting dehydrated. Are you able to keep liquids like water down without throwing up? Try to stay hydrated and go in and get checked.
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