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I'm 20. And recently I've been having problems with my health, particularly in the head area. I've listed the problems below for convenience.

Twitching - fingers, hands, sometimes slight head twitching.
Eye pain - back of right eye
Visual - constant change in eye grade; "quick" loss or sort of blacking out in peripheral vision (few seconds); sometimes double vision.
Migraine/Headache - sometimes quick hammered pain in one particular area (usually on right occipital or temporal area); sometimes pricking constant pain on one cluster area

Additional information: I've had 2 CT scans already. Both came out negative.

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I'm not entirely sure what you have, but I would *highly* recommend that you see a doc, preferably a neurologist as soon as you can. The twitching is what concerns me the most, and you need to get that addressed as soon as possible. It could be nothing, and be something like a nervous tic, but I'd be more comfortable if you got it checked out and make sure that it's not something serious.

Good luck and keep us posted,

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I also experience smelling strange smells (and others don't confirm having smelled such odor) and ringing in ears.
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I do the smells also, it can signal a for of hallucination. As for the ringing in the ears, that could be either serious or benign. However, I would stress even more firmly now that you need to see a neurologist, and soon.

When you go to schedule the appointment, make sure that you mention the tic, strange smells, and ringing in the ears. That'll probably get them to see you sooner than they would otherwise.

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How are you? It is good that your CT scans were normal. The visual, eye pain and nausea can all be associated with the migraine headache. The twitching needs to be evaluated further to rule out neurological issues. Rest, ice packs and identification of the triggers may help. Take care and regards.
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