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What kind of doctor would be most helpful?

My boyfriend has been getting bad chronic headaches multiple times a day almost every day which started about 3 years ago and now also gets nose bleeds occasionally. This all started when he developed some kind of cyst in one of his sinuses. He has gone to several doctors which eventually told him to go see an allergist. He was told by the allergist that he is allergic to many things. He began to consistently get allergy shots; however, these shots did not do much to improve his condition. He still gets bad headaches, has pressure building behind his eyes, and nose bleeds, he constantly feels tired and it's preventing his from living his normal life. He thinks it is all a result of the cyst he's got in his sinus but none of the doctors he's been to think it's the root of his problem, they think it's just allergies, but the allergy shots don't seem to be helping much. He is tired of going to physicians who cannot resolve his situation. What kind of health professional would be best to get to the bottom of this and resolve it? Please help!
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I would recommend seeing an ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor.
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As suggested an ENT is a good idea. You don't necessarily require a referral, however a number of insurance plans require one if you desire coverage.
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Thank you so much for your reply. He was actually thinking of seeing an ENT. He is actually moving here from out of town soon and would much rather speed this process up instead of having to find a PCP first to get a referral to see an ENT. Is it possible to get an appointment with an ENT without a referral? Thank you!
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