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Why have I had headaches everyday for 8 months? (16 year old girl)

Hi my name is Blair and I'm a junior in high school. At the beginning of this school year (September 11th to be exact), I started getting headaches. After about a week I told my mother and she took my to a walk in clinic. The dr told me I had a sinus infection which made sense because I also felt pressure in my face and had a stuffy nose. I took the medicine she prescribed for the 10 days but it did not help. I went to my pediatrician a week after and she prescribed me more medicine that did not help. Eventually (after being put on several other medicines that made me sick including an extremely high dosage of prednesone) my nose cleared up but my headache was still there. Since September I've had a headache every day at different intensities. I've gone to 4 pediatricians, 3 emergency rooms, an ENT, a dentist (I now have TMJ and have a bite guard for my teeth), Orthodontist, Eye Doctor, Chiropractor, and a neurologist. The chiropractor helped me a lot at first but now it seems like it's not doing much. I've had a CT scan that came out clean and just got an MRI and MRV done and am waiting for the result. I am not sure if I have chronic headaches or if there is something obvious that everyone's missing!! My headaches seem to stress from the back of my head and go to the front of it. My cheeks are also very sensitive and hurt often. Loud noise intensifies the pain too. There were many times were I couldn't get out of bed. Also, I am a long distance runner and was forced to stop running about 3 months ago because I was not able to function properly. My grades are slipping In school and I am having difficultly doing simple tasks and concentrating. Usually I am happy and full of energy but now I am exhausted, weak, and have anxiety. Please help me if you have any ideas or thoughts . Thank you guys so much!! -Blair
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Hi I am not sure where you live or if it is possible but if it is get copies of ALL testing including reports....that will help any other Dr you see to figure out what is going on and faster then the new Dr waiting on info from the other Drs.

Do you have more pain when you strain?....

Bend over.....laugh,.....sneeze,....cough,.....?
Yes I have copies of everything. It hurts more when I do all of those things especially straining physically (like running) and sneezing.
Did you get results of the MRI yet?
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I'm really sorry that you're going through this, especially because I went through something really similar for 6 months. It stopped a couple months ago after I started going to acupuncture...it sounds crazy, I know. I'd done everything you had...pediatricians, neurologists, medicine, eye doctor, MRI, and it was affecting my daily life. I finally decided to go to the acupuncturist and after 4 sessions, once a week, my headaches were 95% better. You have to do your research and make sure you go to the right person, but my acupuncturist says she can't remember how many years it's been since she couldn't cure a headache, or at least make it better. Please consider giving it a shot because I know how it feels lose all hope because of your headaches. Best of luck!
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