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Woozie wanting wonder treatment

I have been suffering from severe migrane headaches since April 2008.  I tried several different migrane medications w/ no relief.  Finally I started on Topamax.  Once I reached the theraputic dose I seemed to be doing better and went back to work after about 12 weeks.  I was back to work full time a week and a half when the started painting the office below mine.  I advised mu supervisor that the fumes were starting to bother me and I was getting a headache.  She said everyone was getting headaches and left it at that.  By days end I had a full blown migrane even with my Relpax.  The next day it was worse. Bt Saturday my eyes were teary and I could not even lean forward without the top of my head feeling like it was going to explode off.  So with that I am feeling like I am back to square one.  I broke my neck several years ago.  At the start of all this I asked if that could be the cause.  My dr said "No"  I still think it may be part of the problem.  The MRI showed DJD in the C-Spine and osteoarthritis with buldging disc and narrowing of the disc space but no compression of the nerves.  Keep in mind the MRI was early in the morning, laying flat on a table with a towel roll under my neck, and a head stabilizer strapped to the back board.  So I still wonder that if the headaches are worse as the day progresses,  the weakness is worse, the numbness of my face, tingling of my fingers and feet.  Inability to raise my arms above my head or lean my head back without passing out, all has something to do with my previous neck injury which may be causing some of these daily headaches which is triggering and compounding my migrane headaches.  I would reallly hate to lose my job over this, my family depends on my income and insurance.  Thank God for short term disability and awesome benefit package and the fact I have saved up alot of PTO.  Has anyone else has simular symptoms or problems?  My husband is becomming very concerned for my health, I am becomming very weak and woozie, it is difficult to walk at times.  I find I become disoriented and I have lost quite a lot of weight from the meds I am on.  I have had several friends ask if I have been checked for cancer.  I know the Topamax makes you lose weight, and my dr is aware of that.  I need help with the neck and head pain.  I cant stand this.  It is really taking a toll on my life.
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There is a good possibility that your neck problem is responsible for at least a part of your headache and tingling in arm and legs. It is possible that there is some degree of nerve compression due to bulging disc and narrowing of the disc space which is causing tingling sensation.
What other medications are you on apart from Topamax?
I would suggest you to do some neck exercises daily and apply heat and ice therapy to the affected part.
For migraines the best treatment is avoidance of trigger. You can also take magnesium supplements which have been known to prevent migraine attacks. Bio feedback therapy is another option.
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Thank you Dr for your reply.  I am currently taking Dyazide, Premarin, Allegra-D, Wellbutrin SR, and Zocor.  I have RX for Clonazepan PRN, Flexaril PRN, some Advil and Relpax PRN but seldom use the Klonopin or Flexaril because they knock me out, and make me even more dizzy.  I have tried the Bio Feedback in the past, and I do practice meditation and relaxation techniques.  I do use ice on my neck, but havnt tried heat.  I have had physcial therapy in the past as well.  Most of what I have now is degenerative arthritis and my PCP said he didnt think therapy would help.  If I strech my neck even side to side it grinds, if I lean it back I get very very dizzy and nauseus.  I sometimes think traction on my neck would feel really good,  That may sound grusome, but it really sounds wonderful to me. It really feels as if my neck bones are all scrunched together.  My Dr said the MRI didnt indicate that.  That is why I am waiting to see a specialist, a second openion for that matter.  I just feel there is much more to it. How much magnesium would I need to take?  I would much rather try something more natural than Topamax, it seems the Topamax is or can be quite toxic.

Thanks Again.
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The dose of magnesium is 400-500 mg/day; some people start with 60-70% of the recommended dose first.
Magnesium salts can cause constipation so please make sure you take a diet rich in fibers.
Please check the link below it has some useful information.

Take care!
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