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can migraine be sphenoid?

I am going to see a new dr. on Monday and want to try and express what is going on w/ me in a way that will help him figure out what is wrong. I get horrible debilitating headaches - dr. prescribed maxalt - which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't dent it. I've been diagnosed w/ asthma since 94, but I dont use the inhaler all the time. I use a flow meter to check & make sure I'm breathing okay. I am on cytomel for thyroid - when last tested TSH was normal, but FT4 was just about non-existant (<0.4). I'm 47; I had my 2 kids late - at 39 & 41 - due to infertility and went through treatment. I had a very difficult time getting my milk to come in. Since last child - I have regular but extremely heavy periods. In December, I was at the end of my rope - headaches, dizzy, lightheaded, felt like I could not catch my breath, - but felt way different than asthma. I went in, walk-in dr. did CBC & iron testing. Results - potassium low, iron 33, tibc 383, iron sat 9, ferritin 5.3. So I'm taking mv w/ iron. My optometrist has me come in 2 times a year for exams b/c he cant correct my vision as much as he thinks he should be able to. I was trying to make sense of everything - and pituitary came up - w/ sphenoid as a way to get to it. Then I remembered - way back in college I had horrible headaches & went in - they did ct - but decided it was stress. Years later - a different dr.  looked at it and saw a mass in sphenoid that bowed the bone between right and left. Another CT showed sphenoid clear. Is it possible any of what I am currently experiencing could be due to  a possible recurrence of something going on in my sphenoid? Do I ask for another CT? Are any of these things possibly related - I keep getting symptoms treated, and I guess I'm hoping there's an actual cause that can be corrected. Any advice or thoughts would really be appreciated.
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How are you? I agree that you should have this evaluated further. Bringing the previous plates and results with the sphenoid mass will also help the doctor. Migraine headaches are usually classified as primary headaches which means there is no underlying condition responsible for them. If your headaches persists, this may worth a try in determining the cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
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