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cluster headaches chemical exposure

hi there i am a chronic cluster headache sufferer and i worked on a electro chemical machine for 8 years,after 4 years i started getting very painfull headaches,i went to a neurologist and he diagnosed me with cluster headaches.after reaserch on my machine i was exposed to ammonia gas given off from sodium nitrate in the water,the ph level was 12 when i found out after ph of 7 ammonia gas is given off,i was not protected by any ppe.the question was can this chemical cause my cluster headaches,as i know ammonia can trigger them off but dont know about causing them...thanks glen.
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Hi, I suffered cluster headaches whn I had chemical exposure and yes these gases can cause the blood flow to alter in the brain I appeared drunk with slurred speech and the headaches were really bad. I now suffer with intermittent neurology problems with  vertigo balance and numbness and weakness in left hand. Iscemia can result from long term exposure. Keep away from toxins now and take regular exercise.

Take care tarter  
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Hi Glen,
How are you? According to OSH standards, ammonia gas can cause respiratory disorders and skin irritation. There is no sufficient data, however, about long term effects. It may be that there are other chemicals that you were exposed to. Check with your MSDS book which should be present in your office. Also, talk to your company health and safety committee about PPEs since this is a standard in all industries. Take care and do keep us posted.
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thanks for the info.i know i was exposed to ammonia gas for roughly 6 years.allso sodium nitrate,hydrogen,and hydroxic sludge,so 1 ov these started my headaches.ive since left the company but have every sample,pitchure of the machine.legal action is now being taken against the company.its such a nightmare,the impact these headaches have in your life...thanks again glen
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the other problem i have is my private insurance.friends provident whate a joke.i needed to get information to say that my cch are for life,and there is no cure for them.my specialist give them a letter to support my policy.now theyr saying i need to have a mental illness to claim.this has gone on to long now with me out of work i need to get some income...any 1 got info if theyv claimed on a insurance policy for cch,ive just hit a brick wall,life isnt fair......thanks glen
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