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complicated Migraines

I have just been diagnosed with having complicated migraines. It all started in March I went to the ER with stroke like symptoms, left side weakness, studdering, twitching. I spent 4 days in the hospital and I also started having seizure like things as well. I finally got in to see a Neurologist on tuesday and he believes complicated migraines is what I am suffering from seeing as all my tests have come back clear. He has me on 3 different meds, one I take daily and 2 I take as needed. Anyone else out there with this type of migraine, what can I expect and do the meds work?
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Hello Dear,
Complicated migraines are those in which migraine attacks are accompanied by persistent neurologic deficits, such as paralysis.
Calcium blockers and anti-epileptic drugs seem to be best for prevention .NSAIDs or prochlorperazine are gien for acute attacks.
Patients with severe headaches need subcutaneous, intravenous, or oral formulations of these drugs. Patients with severe nausea and vomiting at the onset of an attack may respond best to intravenous prochlorperazine
Migraine is a chronic neurologic disorder that requires a lifestyle change .You should avoid factors that precipitate a migraine attack eg, lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, certain foods, use of vasodilators.
Refer http://www.emedicine.com/neuro/TOPIC517.HTM

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