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daily migraine pain

Does any one else need to use a product called stadol just to get by each day due to the severity of their pain and are they having a hard time getting their doctors (neurologists and pain management) to prescribe it because they say they will be addicted, every medication is addictive but if it is the only one that works why should they give you a hard one.
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In addition to medicine management, have you tried complementary and alternative medicine such as biofeedback, self-hypnosis or other relaxation techniques? Biofeedback uses your mind to control your body to help with a health condition or physical performance. If interested, discuss this with your doctor and determine if it is suited for you. I hope this helps. Take care always.
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I have been in therapy for the last 22 years on and off whenever the doctors demanded that I go as part of their programs or when I myself sought their services for my anxiety or stress.  I have tried all of the things you mentioned.  I wanted someone else to hypnotize me but my husband is totally against this, I guess he thinks I might say something that would embarrass him, because I am like an open book I let people know everything about me and if they ask me a question I always give them the honest opinion I have regarding the matter.  Biofeedback I believe I may have done, but I am not sure, I use to have a ring that you wore and you would try to relax your body enough to make the color of the stone change color sort of like the mood rings of the late 70's.  My doctor wants to try Botox treatments, but the treatments are from samples he has in his office and my concern about this is what our the side effects it can have that will hurt me rather than help me and he doesn't want to answer this so I said please just let me read the phamplet that came with your samples and he said no just look up Botox on the computer and I am not satisfied enough becauase I feel I don't have enough information yet to allow a harmful substance to go into my body and I don't need wrinkles removed either.

Thank you just for taking the time to look at my post and getting back to me so quickly it is amazing that there are places like this that I never knew about to get help while I am homebound.
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