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feels like i got beat up!

I'm scared and at my breaking point!  About 4-6 weeks ago I noticed when brushing my hair or touching my left temple area it felt bruised.
About 2 weeks ago all my teeth top and bottom on the left side started hurting. I can eat with no problem they just feel sore. And my cheek, from above my ear to below my eye to my back lower jaw. I have been on antibiotics and Vicodin and the Vicodin and motrin are not even helping the pain anymore. I'm afraid to go to the Dr!
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How are you? Do not be afraid to see your doctor because they are there to help you determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. While aneurysm may mimic frequent migraine or cluster headaches, it can also present with sudden, unbearable headache, double vision, rigid neck and loss of unconsciousness. If it persists, have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you! I crack my neck a lot but pushing on my jaws. It's habit I know its not really a good thing to do. So maybe I pushed something outta place.  I was freaking out thinking I had an aneurism or something!  
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You could have sinusitis that isn't responding to the antibiotics.  That should be checked by MRI if suspected.  My sister had to have surgery for her sinusitis because it wouldn't drain.  You may want to look into trigeminal neuralgia as well, which can cause tooth pain but is actually a neurlogical problem.

It really sounds most like TMJ.  If your jaw pops when you chew food or speak, you have TMJ.  Surgery isn't the best route as of yet, but a dentist can provide you with a bite plate that will help at night because you are likely gritting your teeth at night if you have TMJ.  That puts pressure on the entire jaw and would cause pain in all of those areas.

I would also recommend asking your physician for muscle relaxants and use those for a period of time to see if they provide relief.  The muscles attached to your jaw may be having spasms which would make your jaw tighter and more painful.  Pain pills don't work well for muscle spasms, if at all.

If it is the muscles tightening and the relaxants aren't taking care of it then you need to find out what is causing your muscles to cramp up in the first place.  You might have an undiagnosed illness which could be causing the muscles to cramp.  Dentists also provide other types of apparatus to help TMJ and sometimes braces can help if you either never had braces or your teeth have moved from the proper position.  Just fixing the teeth with orthodontics may get rid of the pain entirely.
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