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feels like someone is beatin my head with a hammer

hi. bout 2 weeks ago i had my wisdom teeth removed, then 2 days later i went out with my friends for kerioke. i did 2 songs; the first song i was just fine. the secound song i was about half way through then i had this sharp pain in the top back of my head on the right side, then i felt the pain move up the side to the top front of my head. i started to black out & steped out side and sat down before i completly passed out cause i felt it comin. when i got home i went straight to bed & could not go to sleep because it hurt soo much. sometime in the middle of the night i felt the pain move to the back of my head round my spineal cord. it stayed there the rest of the night. it took me about 5 days to finally get rid of the pain completly. then this past sat night i woke up from a dream with a sharp pain in the back of my head round the spinal cord again, i started grabbin the back of my head then i passed out & didnt wake up until round 9am. ive had headaches most of my life & im only 18. ive never had anything this bad before. it felt like someone was just takin a hammer & beatin me. when i have this pain its real hard to breath, like the air is realy heavy & just over all hard to breath. evry time my heart beat it felt like someone was pushin something into that pain. i would very much appreciate if someone would please tell me what this pain mite be & is it nessessary to go to a neurologist? thankyou for readin this long thing & answerin my question. sorry if i aint spell stuff right
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please look into electronic targeting and neuro remote monitoring is happening to thousands of us
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