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headache hell

i am at wits end with my headaches.  my dr doesnt take me seriously, i can tell, and its just not cool.  i do have tmj problems but i dont know if this is releated.

EVERYDAY, i have a headache.  no, its not a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, probably not even a 9.  but it never goes away.  never.  there is so much pressure i feel like its going to explode.  this has been going on for weeks.  occasionally it will turn into what my dr thinks is a migraine, complicated on occasion by vertigo.  however i have not yet had extreme light sensativity, only sensativity to sound.  and when i have the headaches my field of vision is funny.  grainy almost.  dreamlike.  

took some kind of wafer dissolving triptan to stop those, but it messed with my heart too much.  i was winded and out of breath from walking to the refridgerator for water.  

so the occasional migraines are annoying but... its this everyday headache that is killing me.  im failing in my classes, i do not sleep, i have become depressed and people have noticed my agitation.  a few weeks ago i turned to taking small amounts of oxycodone to control the headaches but i know that this is not an appropriate treatment and decided to stop taking that yesterday.  as far as i know i am not having any physical withdrawal symptoms..

except for this damn headache that hurts so bad i am hitting the side of my temple to reduce pressure!!!!!!!  tylenol doesnt do anything, nothing does.. not even the oxycodone i was taking.  its pretty much useless.  

i do not have health insurance, i cant get a barrage of tests done..  has anyone else been in this position?  what do i do?  this could, and possibly is... screwing up my life :(
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i forgot to mention some other symptoms that are weird and probably have nothing to do with anything but..  

my right ear turns purple and fills with blood and gets uncomfortabley hot to the touch like half the day.  i have to hold a ice cold can of coke on it to get it to go back down, and then it just comes back ten minutes later, it is SOOOO  annoying.  

when im falling asleep i cant swallow if im laying down, sometimes i jolt awake because i quit breathing, sometimes i will see a flash of light when im trying to settle into sleep and its like someone just drove into my bedrooms with highbeams in front of my face, and other times.. i get this "zap" feeling in my head, like a second of extreme dizzyness almost, its like a rush, and i have to jolt into the sitting position and like, shake it off.  i literally go 'ahhhh' and gasp  and shake my head to make it go away.  it almost feels like i could black out.  this will happen over and over and over again causing it to take me 3 hours to fall asleep.  my fiance thinks im nuts!  

i have a tender spot on the left side, but more in the middle rare of my head.  sometimes i can feel my pulse there.  or maybe thats my finger.  im not sure.  

i just dont understand why this is happening.  i am not a 'headache' person.  i never even got sinus headaches with sinus infections.  the only time i ever had a headache was when i was 9 & had viral meningitis.  
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I know this is going to sound ridiculous but when I had bad migraines and no insurance someone told me to put ice packs on my temples and the base of my neck and lay down in a quiet room. I never asked my doc if that was a good idea but I can tell you it always releived my apin emough where I could at least function for an 8 hour day of work. It would not always get rid of the migraine but it sounds like any amount of relief might help you right now. My current doctor has put me on Topamax and thankfully my haedaches are now under control. Good luck.
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I agree with frankie1304 with regard to cold ice packs and/or cold washcloths.  They work for me when they go over my eyes or the back of my neck.

Some additional thoughts on your post.  I also get the red ear, facial flushing, body pains (migratory) and stomach symptoms.  Coincidentally, I also get mania reactions to antidepressants (as well as many other medications).

First, a manic reaction to those medications is likely indicative of some level of mood disorder -- even if the reaction is minor and you don't have day-to-day manic symptoms.  On the bright side, many of the anti-seizure medications that help headaches -- Neurontin, Lithium, Topamax, etc. -- are also very effective for mood.

The other symptoms sound like they may be the result of allergies and/or auto-immune problems.  I have had all of those symptoms with Crohn's Disease and my friends with Lupus have had similar problems.  

You might want to try an anti-histamine to deal with any allergies that may be exacerbating your symptoms.  But make sure you watch for symptoms of mania with anti-histamines.

Stress, diet, depression, anxiety and mood issues can all make an underlying medical problem worse.  It is very important to keep these issues in check while working to resolve any other underlying medical problems.

I am not a doctor, but I hope this post is helpful.
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