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headache problems

I've had a constant headache now since August 12, 2007.  I'm not sure what's going on but it all started on August 12.  Basically the headache consists of constant pressure that ranges in pain levels from 3-5 and it never goes away no matter what pain medications I may take or that the hospital may give me (I've been seen in the ER 5 times so far, they've tried everything from demoral, morphine, to a bunch of other stuff I can't remember)  During the times I've had to go to the er it was because I had what I've been calling flare ups.  It's bursts of pain on the top back right side of my head (if that makes sense)  it feels like a knife in my head and it's incredibly sharp and sudden in it's onset, often times it will make me black out.  Since these headaches started other symptoms have been popping up such as memory loss, trouble getting words out right, trouble focusing, I've stopped driving because I kept getting lost driving my 2 year old to and from her pre-school that's less than 3 miles away.  So far the Dr's have tested me for lupus which came back negative and done one ct scan and one mri with no contrast.  They have done no other blood work and no spinal taps.  I'm 27 years old right now, but this has really been freaking me out.  The severe pain episodes have been coming more and more frequently and lately I've been noticing from time to time a slight shake on my right side.  So far my vison is good but sometimes it will get blurry right before a attack, but my temper the past couple weeks has gotten extremly bad.  My husbands in the military so it's their Dr's that we're dealing with and their ER.  They say both my CT scan and MRI came back normal and they think I am having a migraine even though I told them I have had migraine in the past and this is nothing like the migraines I had before.  They gave me a anti seizure medicine and imitrex to take, neither of which are doing anything for my headache.  I had to stop taking the imitrex all-together because everytime I did take it my symptoms would get increasingly worse until it wore off.  At this time I have no clue what this could be, the military Dr is referring me out to a civilian Dr so I can have a second opinion because I was extremly upset with the treatment I recieved, the Dr basically dismissed any concerns I told him I had and ignored them outright.  Right now I'm just frustrated, scared and tired of not being able to take care of myself, or my family.  If anyone has any ideas or any advice I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you
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Anna6890, Note, I am not a nurse or a doctor but I am a Medical Coordinator, (Hospital
Administration). No one likes to hear this but do you think you could be suffering from depression and/or anxiety? Depression and/or anxiety can effect all parts of the body, more so the brain. Some of the signs and symptoms can be headache, migraine, stroke like, or seizure like. Normally when a CT or MRI comes back normal it can be related to depression and/or anxiety. Also, if there is an underline heart condition it can also cause a headache, pain can be in chest, arms and/or shoulders (one or both), middle/upper back, neck, and head. You can obtain a copy of your CT & MRI yourself and look under “Impression” to make sure they are normal and take that information to another doctor. I hope this helps, remember, I’m not a nurse or a doctor.      
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