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migraine/body paralyzed/no migraine???

i had a very very very bad migraine last night then an hour later woke up in the middle of the night with the same migraine couldnt move at all. felt like someone was sitting on my head. my entire body was paralyzed. i tried to move my legs and arms but i couldnt. then i went back to sleep because i wanted it to pass. so then i woke up an hour later with no headache for the first time without a headache in 15 months... but my body was numb with tingles.. but still could not move at all. i felt so weird. went back to bed woke up 8 hours later and i was fine. well back to my every day "5" headache. what happened???????!!!!! my neurologist is on vacation for a week what do i do?????????? pleaseeee help
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It's wonderful for me to find you also.  So sorry to hear that nothing has really helped your migraines so far.  

Let me ask, does the doctor who has given you the nerve block and trigger point injections give them across your forehead, in your temples, jaws, back of head, neck and shoulders?  Many doctors don't know how to do it in all those areas.  And it really matters.  Also, I had no reaction at all from my first Botox injections, but now that the doctor gives me 225 units, it has given me great relief.  You must find out.

Also have you tried the Butran Patch?  It gives a very low dose of opiates 24/7 with no side effects, at least at the lowest dose of 5 mcg.  Ask for that if no one has prescribed it to you.   It does help.

I had no benefit or bad side effects from every preventative medication there is.  But I do get relief from an herbal medicine called Petadolex which you can find on-line.  Studies have shown that It has reduced migraines by 62% and is approved by the German government who does check all herbal medications which the US does not.

How long ago did you have your stroke and what side of the brain was it on?  I would guess it was on your right side since you didn't have any aphasia.

With all the help that I've gotten, I can now schedule 2 or 3 short things a day, but only one big thing a day.  And as I approach the date of my botox injections, I often am bedridden most of several weeks until I've had the injections and they have taken effect. I have to work to keep my health insurance which is through my company, but just giving a 2-hour class gives me far worse migraines and often leads me to the ER.  I cannot travel in the car more than 2 hours or I get severe migraines.  So my life is very limited.

I do not have trouble concentrating,  My vocal chords have just stopped knowing how to work, so they think that speech therapy should bring my voice back so it's not raspy and husky.  A real problem for my training work.

Yes, this was my first stroke.  It was entirely unexpected.  Was not from a clot, but was caused by a carotid artery dissection, meaning the artery just split apart sending too much blood into the brain.

It could have been a lot worse though.  I was told that I could have been paralyzed and not able to speak.  Still the limited nature of my life still makes me resentful.

It's so great to have someone else who shares close to the same problems.  It's helpful to hear from someone else who has been through it,

I so so appreciate you.

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Hi Mary,

It sounds very likely that you had a TIA or a very small stroke.  That means that you have I believe, a one in three chance of having a full stroke.

See a doctor right away to have it diagnosed and you may need to avoid that full stroke from happening.  I had one and am still suffering a great deal from it.  And am just very very lucky that I can speak and am not paralyzed for the rest of my life--so my neurologist told me.  So strokes are nothing to fool with.  They can even kill you.

Wish you well.

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i already had a stroke due to a migraine .... so i had another one...... ?????.im on so many medications... my doctor is on vacation should i call his office tomorrow and say its an emergency and that i need to speak with him? i mean how sure are you that it is a tia or a stroke???
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Hi Mary,

Your doctor will still be on vacation, but they always have another doctor filling in for them.
I would call his office, even the emergency off hours number, and describe to them what happened to you and ask them if you need immediate medical care.  Maybe you don't need to rush right in.  I really don't know, but I would definately find out the answer.

Sorry to hear that you already had a stroke.  I'm interested if you've had any lasting disabilities like I have.

Good luck.

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i called the office and the two doctors filling in for him said they have no idea what it was and it could have been a tia but they dont want to tell me until my regular doctor gets back... ughhh!!!! thats not a good answer... they told me to take vicodin until then... oh my god....
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Then it sounds like it can wait.  That's good that you got the okay to wait from the doctors.  Then when your doctor comes back, he can advise you.  

Do you have any disabilities from your previous stroke?  I would really like to know.  Many young people do have strokes, although it's more unusual.

Do take care and let me know.

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