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rebound headaches

I was recently told that even a single dose of OTC or pain killers can cause a rebound headache. I also have chronic daily headaches as well as a few migraines each week. Can the ER cocktail of Benadryl, Toradol, Zofran, Reglan, ativan ,and decadron potentially cause a rebound effect. There's some weeks, I'm in the ER 2-3 times per week . Some months, I don't go at all. At home, Ido not take anything except amlodapine and valium twice a day.
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Hi and welcome to the Migraines & Headaches Community.

That is not true. Who told you that? Rebound headaches are a result of OVERUSE of pain killers...Rx and OTC. You have to be taking the pain killers more than twice a week...for a very extended period of time. Or taking more than the directions say.

You are most likely dealing with Cluster Migraines. Cluster migraines   may happen several times a day for weeks at a time - perhaps months - usually interrupted by a pain-free period of variable length.
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There is always a compromise between the short-acting abortive meds and the long acting preventive meds. In the long run you should try to cut down on the abortive meds as much as possible and even quit them completely if possible.

Good preventive drugs are for example propranolol, amitriptyline and verapamil. They take time to work and you must take them every day. You obviously take amlodapine and valium as preventive drugs. Is this a good choice for you? Have you already tried the more common ones?

Maybe you need to talk to your doctor again.
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An update: I have been on the preventative drugs you listed as well as many, many more. I have tried all kinds and different combinations. Either, they didn't work or I couldn't live with the side effects. I was taken off the Valium twice a day fro fear of becoming dependent. However, now when I have severe muscle spasms which in turn is triggering a headache, I can take the Valium up to 3 time  daily for 3 days and that's it. I try to use ice packs before I resort to the Valium. The amlodapine is for my blood pressure. I have also tried abortive drugs with no success.
Recently, I was diagnosed as chronic daily headaches, chronic refractory migraines, chronic cluster headaches, and NDPH with migraneous features. I have had a daily headache for the last seven years. I have been to 3 headache clinics, 3 back and spine centers, pain management, physical therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, botox injections for a year. I also have a 3 level fusion in my cervical. i have one level that isn't fused which has been repaired once. So i know that part of my headaches are from the instability of my neck. I have a new PCP and an app't with Mayo's that will address all of my issues. So, in essence, I have been told that less drugs is more. The fact that my headaches are intractable and refractory presents a definite challenge. Despite all of my treatments, I have not had a PF day in almost 7 years. So, I'm hoping that Mayo's will provide some answers to my issues.
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I agree with the rebound headache from the drugs. My two thoughts, one have you tried a strict elimination diet? There are many food triggers for headache one would not think of. Two, please make sure a binocular vision dysfunction is not causing your problems. I have seen many patients with headache everyday and have never had a proper binocular vision assessment.
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