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severe headaches and vomiting

For 5  months now i have been suffering with headaches on the top of my head, allways in the same area,i have no problems with vision..The headache started very badly one morning and i vomited 15 times in 3 hours,i had to rush to the doctors to get a pain killing injection..Since this episode i have moderate headaches everyday, if the pain increases the nausea starts.does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?i am now being sent to a nerologist.
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I know that I suffer from chronic migraines and when mine get really bad I get nausea. That is because next to blacking out nausea is the next most severe reaction our body has to pain. It can also be something else related to a different condition though so you definitely need to see a doctor. Good luck!
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Wow, I finally found someone who has headaches on top of the head daily like me. It's so painful and mine hardly ever go away. They are not always as severe as they are at times when I go to the hospital but it is always there. I went to the neurologist am awaiting approval from my insurance for an MRI. I'm so scared. Hoping it's nothing serious. God Bless.
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How are you?
Extremely high BP can cause throbbing headache on top of the head. Other possibilities include chronic tension headache and migraine. The possibility of migraine is there because there is an accompanying nausea.
It is best to get a neurological evaluation done and it is important to break this headache cycle. Topamax is usually prescribed to break the cycle of chronic headache.
Hope this helps!

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Hi ,
I am really glad I found your site . I have been suffering from migraines for three years now and we keep increasing my medication . Now on 300mg of Topamax, 240 mg Varapamil , 10mg Lexapro , Birthcontrol ( Hormone Control ) , OTC Clariton , Prednisone , Daily Nasal Spray . I have tried Chiropractor and Accupuncture. Nothing is working to get ride of daily head ache and I am back up to 3-4 severe migraines a week where I need Fioricet because Imitrex has stopped working . Last week I has an attack where it took them two Tortal shots , an Imitrex shot and a phenergan shot plus three oxycoten . I think I am in rebound headaches from over medication but my doctor does not want to listen . Help do I need  a second opinion ?!?!
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