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temporal artery pain & swollen neck gland

Hi, my husband has been to the dr. 4 times now and he is suppose to wait 2 more weeks and I am worried.  He started having pain on the left side of his head between the temple and the ear and when he lays down at night the gland in his throat near his esophogus(?) swells and hurts to swallow.  It mostly bothers him at night when he lays down.  He has been on Baclofen and carbamazepine and it does help some nights but some nights the pain still wakes him and he gets up and walks around until the pain lessens.  I don't want him to wait to long if it could be something serious.  He also seems extra tired and can fall asleep at 5:00 pm or in the middle of a sentence.  Please help us.  I do  not have a lot of confindence in his dr as the first one put him on amoxicillen for an ear infection which wasted 3 days and did nothing.
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This swollen gland in his throat, would you say that these are the tonsils?

Would you be able to see a lump on his neck or are there any swelling or nodes present over the neck, near the ears or at the back of the head?

Any pain in swallowing or any snoring at night?

Does he wake up to catch his breath at night?

What I am thinking here is that the headaches and the swollen glands may be connected. This may be a headache brought about by an infection or inflammation. You have mentioned that your husband sometimes dozes off in the middle of a sentence, which makes me think if there is any airway compromise here due to the swollen gland. If there is snoring when he used not to snore before, then this is something that needs to be promptly assessed.

I suggest that you bring him to the nearest medical center so he may be readily evaluated.  Complete ENT and neurologic examinations are needed.
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Thank you for writing back.  The gland is under his chin and I don't know if that would be tonsils or not.  I know when he lays down that the temporal artery (?) that is what the dr. called it, throbs and the gland swells and hurts.  He does snore but has for 15 years now. When the pain wakes him at night he gets up and walks around a while until the pain lessens. A heating pad helps also.  I don't know what kind of dr. to get him into but we are seeing his general physician Tues.  I think he needs a specialist.  Could it have anything to do with a tooth in the back on the same side recently being capped. That is when the pain started but he has been to the dentist 2 or 3 times for xrays just in case and she can find nothing.
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You have noted that the swelling seems to be located under his chin. This may be a swollen salivary gland, an infected space in the neck (The neck has several subdivisions and these pockets may be infected) , a gum problem, or a lymph node problem. An ENT specialist may be able to help. You may ask your doctor about this so that  proper referrals may be made. Was an ultrasound of the neck done? Were the neck vessels assessed? Carotidynia has to be ruled out here.
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I have been experiencing migraine headaches accompanied by an infected lymph node and back pain in the middle of my back. I have made 3 trips to the Dr. and have been placed on anitbiotic, muscle inflamatory medicine and pain medicine. I have now discovered yet another infected lymph node under the same arm pit. I have had Thyroid testing, blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests, STD testing, and pregnacy test all which came back fine. I am a 29 year old female and I am concerned that something may be overlooked. Any suggestions on what I can do next?
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