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weird tension headaches where theres no pain but just pressure all over head/skull

Okay...where do I start. I actually don’t know if this pain is even remotely connected to my tooth pain but I honestly don’t have a clue what it is and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. It started when I had a mild dull tooth pain on my root canal with crown. My jaw would feel swollen a little bit but it wouldn’t go to full blown toothache (can’t eat on it/ throbbing pain) it lasted for 15 days and it’s a nagging feeling of irritation in my jaw and teeth/gums. It started when I ate a taco on my root canal and that night I woke up with pain on my root canal crown when biting down. Then I woke up that morning and it was gone but still felt irritated in my gums. This, again lasted for 15 days. Then, it went away for about 3 weeks and then I woke up one day with strange headaches. I don’t know if I can even call it a headache. My head would feel like it’s burning if I don’t move my head for like 1-2 mins. And then I touch my head and it feels normal. Almost like it wasn’t there. Then it comes back after not moving again for 1-2 mins. This would especially be intensified when trying to sleep. I’d start to feel burning feeling almost like the feeling you get when you’re anxious. You know like something terrible happened. And I get this sensation in my throat and back of my neck and my all over my head. Then my head started feeling tender and it became unbearable to even tie my hair. When I’d lay down to sleep the sensation would start immediately and i can’t explain it. It’s like tension all over my neck and head. I’d get these weird shooting/cold/feeling like something is crawling at the top of my head. Weirdly though the feeling of shooting pain would only be on one side and that’s the side with the tooth. I had a tooth infection before and I felt shooting pains in my head but nothing like this before. Then at night Then I start getting really anxious and have to get up and calm myself down(which is nearly impossible) which lead to sleepless nights. All while im feeing this I don’t have lain in my teeth whatsoever. I’d have to lay on my bed sleeping upright. Then THAT became unbearable. Can’t even lay down without freaking out/ feeling anxious. Like my whole body would be buzzing and the sensation of burning and a lump in my throat would be so intense. Then again when I move or touch my head or neck it feels completely normal. And then t comes back. I can’t say it’s pain but it feels painful. NO PAIN MEDS WORK. It’s like this constant feeling of anxiety. Never ending. Then I gained a new symptom. Pins and needles/ burning sensation in my arms and legs. Would be EXTREMELY intense when lying down. AND I’m extremely sensitive to sound every time I lay down to sleep. When lay down every sound is like a hit to my head. My head feels not like pain but a zap of anxious feeling. I keep mentioning anxiety but it’s just not that. This is physical. So fast forward -> my arms legs head and neck now have a burning sensation(I can’t find any other words to explain this) I just can’t seem to think it’s anxiety because this is a completely new feeling that I woke up one day with. My arms and legs would feel prickly but when I touch them it will feel completely normal but then intensify right after not moving for a minute. This has been going on for a month and half now and I’m losing my mind. Sometimes it would just hit me during the day and I’d feel antsy and nervous. When I wake up at night it would be like a slap in the face. Hit me all over again. So my question is: can my root canal be causing this? Could it be a fracture? I went to my doctor and they didn’t find anything but iron and vitamin d deficiencies but I’ve been on them for almost a month and really no change. I did go to the dentist because my tooth did hurt when I ate on that side. She gave me Clindamycin for my swelling and as I was taking it I don’t know if that’s the reason but my symptoms have subsided a bit. My primary says it could be a tension headache because I do complain that my head feels burning sensation and my arms and legs feel the same burning. But I feel like this is from my tooth.

Has anyone else felt these symptoms? I’ve searched every forum out there and NOTHING. I feel so alone. My main concern is that it’s REALLY intense when laying down. I can’t get a good nights sleep. I’m writing this and I’m feeling it. It came back this afternoon after two weeks and I’m freaking out. It’s been about 10 days sinc I finished my antibiotics and for a month now I have a fear of sleeping and I don’t lay down to rest my head in the daytime anymore. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want to know what’s wrong with me. Recently I’ve Ben having full aches in my jaw where the tooth is and if that’s the reason I couldn’t run faster to the dentist to extract it. These weird sensations in my head have been literally ruining my life. Please anyone feel this way
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I have these symptoms too! I think I may have TMJ but I get a tingling and burning pain in my head, back of neck and now even in my legs. It’s not a pain just so disorienting and uncomfortable. What ended up happening? Did anything help?
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What happened with your tingling in arms and legs and head pressure ? Did it go away ? I’m having same :(
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it eventually went away and I don't know what triggered it. It was unlike I've ever felt. It was constant. How can you explain your feeling? Does it feel like imaginary pain? like pain meds don't work?
Hi Thanks for your reply. How long did yours last in total? Are you back to completely normal? Mine was a head squeezing sensation that started kind of like a migraine at first coupled with vertigo and then 5.5 months of constant head squeezing tension , mostly on the left side and sometimes all over. But I also developed burning tingling in my hands and feet. Did you have that and did these symptoms go away? I went to numerous doctors and nothing , so I had left over antibiotic, doxycicline and decided to take it for 10 days, and now my head pressure seems like 98% better, but I still have that neuropathy all over and very worried that it can stay or progress, please tell me you had same and it went away so i have hope :) Also ibuprofen and lorazepam helped me some with the head pressure.
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Those of you that have a consistent headache please take note of this.  I am subject to regular sinus infections that include headaches. Some are bad enough to put me in bed on pain killers. My most recent episode (three weeks ago) was so bad I had to go to the ER because the pain was so bad. After a CT scan of my head they discovered a combination of dried blood along with some fresh blood had put pressure on my brain. I ended up getting a craniotomy to relieve pressure on the brain. This is life threatening so get a CT scan ASAP to find out what is happening.
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I was thinking of the trigeminal nerve too.

I discovered that  trigeminal nerve irritation can cause upsets in the brain stem area. The brain stem is responsible for many autonomic functions.

There can also be a hypersensitivity caused by the irritation, so that messages to and from brain get hyper-sensitized.

It might help if you can book to see a neurologist.  I hope all this stuff gets fixed, and stops for you soon.
Believe me, I know. I get weird stuff all over the place from what my neuro said were "migraines". I feel I have got some mild dysautonomia from my nerves being hyper-sensitized.
And it all started in the trigeminal nerve. Caused in my case I think, by walking in  snow, ice and blizzards without wearing enough protection  on my forehead and head , two and a half years ago
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Yes, I've been learning about that nerve as well.  Are you having issues with this, Ginger?
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I agree - I was thinking that the whole time I was reading your post. I really hope you get some answers. Let us know.
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do you think it could be occipital neuralgia instead? because i get them in my head all over my skull and the back of my neck
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My aunt had something like this, which I believe was misdiagnosed several times before receiving an accurate diagnosis. I believe her diagnosis was trigeminal neuralgia. Her symptoms included excruciating neurological pain and burning at times, and was misdiagnosed as having to do with her teeth at first. Once she was properly diagnosed, she had an operation done and the pain was completely gone. I don't know if there are enough similarities to suggest that you have the same thing, but it sounds like I'd be visiting a neurologist if it continues, and perhaps even a couple of them if one doesn't have much to say. She had to visit multiple before getting the right diagnosis and eventually the right treatment.
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Thank you for your response. I was suspecting trigeminal neuralgia too and your response has heightened my concern. although I don't really get shooting pains in my facial area but I do get them on top of my head. I'm going to bring up to my doctor this week and go from there. Its been going on for a while now and too long to ignore.
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