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Alternative/Holistic Medicine Suggestions?

Hello everybody! I'm new here and I am hopeful that joining this support group was a good idea... I've been having migraines ever since I was a kid (I'm 22 now, and my mum is also a migraineur), but they only got worse last year, when I had to deal with 3 massive attacks and almost 6 months of moderate daily pain... I've seen all kinds of doctors, from neurologists to endocrinologists and cardiologists and done all sorts of blood tests and apparently nothing's wrong with me... They've all prescribed me beta blockers, which I didn't take as I find the side effects rather disturbing. Besides, I'm not a fan of medication, especially since I have allergies to a lot of chemicals and taking any kind of drugs could cause me trouble... I've tried Homeopathy and it has definitely worked until 2 months ago when the moderate daily pain came back and for the past 2 weeks I've been feeling awful (dizzy, lightheaded and a bit nauseous at first and now I'm dealing with this odd sensation in the back of my head, like I'm sweating on the inside of the skull). Besides, sometimes when the headache subsides, I get these sudden passing sharp pain like some sort of electric shock... Has anybody else dealt with such symptoms? If so, could you suggest any alternative to drugs? I am very into holistic medicine and I'd try anything to feel better... I also have a mild anxiety disorder, so could this whole situation be just a symptom of my anxiety?    
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I suffered for twenty years then found out that it was the milk in my coffee that was doing it! My advice is to keep a food and medicine diary and work out what your triggers are. It could be something as simple as a food allegy that triggers headaches? As for that sensation that you experience in your head - I also had something like that but it turned out to be a side effect of the migraine medication that I had been taking - Zomig. I changed over to Maxalt and the sensations stopped. Hope you find out what is causing this.
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