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Chronic Daily Migraine

I will try to make this as short as possible..I am 42yrs old...had migraines (photophobia) 10yrs ago..flourescent lights killed me...Depakote ended up working..and then eventually they ended up not bothering me as much.

At 39 I had a miscarriage and I think my hormones left my body..my migraines came back with a vengeance...smells, lights, everything..have been trying to get balanced for the last 3 yrs!!!

For the past year I wake up EVERY MORNING with pain on the right side of my head..near the temple..it feels like a very tight muscle trying to pull my eyeball out..........Neurologists say it is a migraine...although no meds have worked for it......I have been through everything..depakote, topomax, maxalt, zomig,,imitrex..you name it..I put ice on it, icy hot, heat, tiger balm, anything I can....it usually last most of the day........and comes back again in the morning.

I have done the full blown elimination diet, did the food-allergy test, etc......and NOTHING has helped it......has anyone else experienced this type of pain?

Another weird thing that happens to me when I CRY.....is I get the stabbing pain in my right eye......which I have always been told is a migraine..I used to get the stabbing eye pain..that would last about 24hrs.....have to knock myself out with Tylenol PM......it hasn't bothered me much this year..until this week...I am changing jobs and having to leave several clients..so I have been crying this week....yesterday a couple of hours afterward..I got the STABBING PAIN FROM $%#$ ......lasted ALLL NIGHT and into early this morning..............................UGHHH...is this a migraine???

OH YEAH, and lastly......I am very excited to even be able to type this on the computer...bc for the last couple of months my migraines/hormones were so bad that I couldn't even get on the computer without getting a headache in 5minutes that lasted all night!!!!! I feel kind of "hot" and heart racing now..it's been about 15mins.........but I think I am making progress. I got back on Depakote last week to try to help with the computer...bc I NEED IT FOR MY NEW JOB!!!!!!!
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Hi hun!  Sorry you have had such a rough go of it.  I really hope you find the realief you need soon.  I am currious, do you have any warning signs that this Migraine is is comming.  Do not worry if you think its strange or weird, I do not judge.  Anyway, thanks!
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Since you always have gotten your migraines on the same side for the past year, including the stabbing pains when you cry (crying is a migraine trigger for me too), have they done an MRA/MRV scan to look at the blood vessels in that area to see if their are any abnormalities, like an aneurysm?  I was told (when I used to work) about a lady who had that type of headache- always the same place and had a blood vessel repaired and it took care of the migraines.

You say your pain you wake up with is near your temple and feels like a tight muscle- do you clench or grind your teeth at night?  If you do, you might try going to a maxillofacial specialist that does TMJ splints or a dentist specializing in TMJ problems.  I have TMJ issues and wear a splint at night.  The last time I didn't wear a splint, I got a huge migraine (I'm a clencher in my sleep).

Also, have you ever tried acupuncture by an expert in Chinese accupuncture for your migraines?  I was told by one acupuncturist that those with chronic daily headache were the ones she was most successful in treating.  While not a cure, it did get my  headaches what they call  cycling faster.  I also used to get maybe 8 out of 10 migraines on the right and with the acupuncture, they went back and forth more between the two sides.  I took herbs, some of which helped also.
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