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Inspiring Things or Fun Things!

Hi Everyone!

I thought it would be nice to talk about things that lift our spirits!

First, on a bit of a serious note... The postdrome phase of an acute migraine attack can cause temporary mood changes, such as depression, and can leave one feeling physically weak. Chronic migraineurs may face prolonged periods of the postdrome phase, and since a chronic migraine can be disabling, chronic migraineurs may at times feel frustrated, isolated or angry. I always think it is important to address these types of feelings when we need to... but I think it is equally as important to share the fun and inspiring aspects of our lives as well.

What do you find inspiring?

What do you do to improve your mood if it dips after a migraine?

What sort of fun activities cheer you up when you're feeling down?
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My mom says some of the most inspiring things to me in relation to my migraines. A lot of times they're just pep-talks though. I can't think of any off the top of my head that aren't just pep-talks, but I will post something next time she says something inspiring that isn't just a pep-talk and therefor more quotable.

Something else that I find inspiring is the show House MD, mostly for the character of Dr. House. I know that might sound a little funny, but it's true! When I had daily chronic headaches and had to take daily pain killers, I felt like Dr. House sort of made what I was going through more normal, because House MD was a popular TV show and anything popular is sort of "normal". Also, even though he is a fictional character, I feel like I can look up to the fictional character in some very specific ways. I feel like if the character Dr. House can be in chronic pain and still be a doctor (!!) then maybe I could also still do really amazing things even if I was in chronic pain too. Dr. House gave me hope when I'd given up on getting better, the show gave me hope that even if I didn't get better, that I could still have a 100% full and meaningful life without being 100% well. And yeah, I do know it's just a fictional character on a TV show... but, it's still really meaningful and inspiring to me.

The next thing is REALLY silly. It was just something that cheered me up the other day. I was listening to the radio the other day and Miley Cyrus' current popular song "Party in the USA" came on... and when I heard the lyric "Got my hands up, they're playing my song, and I know I'm going to be okay." I just sort of... felt okay! Haha. I'm not even a Miley Cyrus fan, I don't think think I've ever heard a song by her before! But, I dunno, hearing the lyric "I know I'm going to be okay" made me feel okay. Lyrics in songs often make me feel better or I will relate to them and relating to them will make me feel better in some way.

Well... those are just a few things.
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I find that journaling is a great relief for me, both during the good times and the migraines. I like to then go back and read over the good days when I'm feeling really down. I also have a great online support group on livejournal.com's migraine and daily_migraine communities. I've made a lot of friends over there, and we can sympathize and cheer each other up.

I also like watching anime, reading manga, or anything light and fluffy as a distraction. And listening to music always helps as I have over 41GB of music on my laptop and I have many different playlists for my different moods.
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Wow good question. :)  Well, I love my bunnies of course, sometimes I just go out and watch the babies, or hold different ones.  Today two little babies keep coming out of the nest box, and they are so little, only two weeks old, Momma(Symphanie) tries her best to herd them in but not much success.  

Reading is something I really love.  If you have had a chance, you might like Michael J Fox's  book Always Looking Up, it has some political stuff but it is encouraging.  A saying he quotes in this book I like:  "Even a little dog and pee (not the word he used) on a big building."  Sometimes healthcare, Dr's and all the other junk seems like a big building, but we can still leave our mark. LOL :)

I like journaling too, and House is so funny, some Dr should see themselves in him. :)

Saying and poetry are things my Mom always did and I find them inspiring too.  Like Harry Truman said, "I never did give anybody hell, I just told the truth and they thought it was hell."  This especially applies to my relationship with Drs....I tell the truth, if they aren't good ones I will tell them.  My Dad says all Drs are "practicing" physicians, some need more practice.  I do respect and love many of my Drs, but if they aren't helpful or our relationship doesn't work, I speak up. Maybe it is the redhead or just that it makes me feel in charge of my own health, empowered I guess.

My son plays the trumpet, so does my husband so I love to hear them.  Chris Botti relaxes me too.  
Hugs to all of you, hope you find some inspiration, many of you are an inspiration to others never forget that. :)
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I do many of the things already mentioned.  Keeping in touch with others who are going through similar experiences is really inspiring.  I also do my crafting hobbies when I'm not feeling too lousy to do so.  I made a unique scarf for a friend of mine and she loves it.  Her favorite colors.  Doing simple things like this for other people helps with mood and attitude.
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