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Migraine? Neck NUMBNESS? IVe posted elsewhere with no help PLZ help

Hello this is my first post on here,  i dont know where to turn.  I have been suffering from migraines since i was around 11 years old. I Take 50mg topamax twice a day to prevent them i used to get migraines alot like 20 or more a month i am on other medications also daily.. I take frova when needed for a migraine when topamax doesnt work. ANyway
Friday i have this pain in my neck in the back kind of where my spine is but towards the sides t at the base of my skull. ITs a dull pain it hurts when i do turn my head and bend my neck. But when i sleep it wakes me up too. the area is also warm. THe area goess numb and i get dizzy sometimes friday i took motrin 800mg didnt work. then on  saturday i took toradol didnt work today i tried tylenol it didnt work. I dont understand what is going on. this pain wont go away it keeps going numb too im worried. i cant drive anywhere because there is 3ft of snow in the roads. .
This pain still is here i  thought it would go away, My fingers have been going numb for quite a few months now and they stil go numb now....
my son recently had a sinus infection, and so did i, i didnt get put on medication but he did.
if anyone can get back to me that would be great i dont kno where else to write this, i still have a cough  with some mucous .
Any advice?
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I hope by now you were able to get in to a doctor.  It sounds like it may be something serious and you really should get it checked out.  I wonder about spinal meningitis (particularly if you have a fever), a different infection or a blood clot (with the warmth you feel- if it is warmer than the area around it) or inflammation.  With the numbness, they will want to take a look at your neck to see if any nerves are being impinged.  Please have someone drive to the doctor TODAY if you have not already been seen!  And please give me an update?
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I hope you're feeling better by now but if you're still having neck pain I have a thought....

I've had migraines for many years and also take 50mg of topamax daily.  I developed pain in the back of my neck that didn't respond to painkillers.  It turned out to be referred pain from tmj and tooth grinding.  I now wear a mouth guard at night and the pain is gone.  
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How are you doing now?  Have you been to the DR?   I have dizziness, tingling ect with my migraines but when they go one for so long like yours has, it would be good to see someone. It sounds like where I have pain also in my neck...Chiropractic helps me, but I would be sure, like Surgi said it isn't something with a disc.

Have you tried another preventative?  Topamax didn't help me.  Do you have anything like Zomig, Relafin, ect to take when you get a migraine?  I have had success with magnesium, and others have used Fever Few (Herb)  This is a good explanation of numbness ect  http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/26/Numbness-and-tingling

Hope you are better....
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