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Neurologist dx migraines but won't rx sumatriptan indefinitely

I have migraines a few times a month (2-3) and take 50mg generic imitrex with an OTC NSAID. So after having two different doctors tell me that I need to get an "official diagnosis" of migraines from a neurologist, I finally saw a neuro. yesterday. To say that I am confused and angry is an understatement! For $250 he told me that I have mixed migraines/tension headaches and to reduce my stress and that my migraines would improve or lessen. He then told me that he would not "keep pumping out rx's for imitrex" and that my personality had a lot to do with my condition he actually said to me: "who made you this way?" He feels I place the too much stress on myself because I work FT and I am a PT student - this is ridiculous. The way that the economy has been makes me think that there are many adult college students who hold jobs so I am not doing anything extraordinary.
He did rx me imitrex and cyclobenzaprine with 4 refills but told me that he would not do so indefinitely. What am I to do? I have seen three doctors at this point (all without having any health insurance) and I cannot afford all of this doctor shopping! I really thought that seeing a neuro. would mean that he would take over my medication management and that I wouldn't have to keep going to walk-in care where they tell me to see a neurologist.
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I'm sorry this is so late of a response- I haven't been on this forum for a long time!

It is always upsetting when you get a non-sympathetic doctor with a lack of a good bedside manner.  I'm sorry you ran into one!  You are right that a neurologist, if they are worth their salt, should be willing to take over medication management of your migraines and try to help you on an ongoing basis.  

God, of course, made you and He doesn't make mistakes!  
That said, some people do tend to drive themselves and are not cut out to handle the same kind of stress others seem to be able to tolerate & stress can be a major migraine trigger.  

I experienced where Imitrex taking wound up with not helping the way it should and my migraine rebounded.  So, while you need a neurologist willing to prescribe an abortive for when you get migraines, you do need to consider in what ways you can cut back your stress level to try to prevent headaches so you hopefully don't wind up in a similar situation to the one I was in with migraine rebound from imitrex.  

But stress, which can lead to muscle tension and migraine, is only one of a host of potential migraine triggers- I had a whole mess of them and still have most of those (including the stress trigger at times, though I am on disability and I have far less stress than I used to), even though I've had a hysterectomy so things have improved compared to when I had the menstrual cycle.  Have you identified all or most of your migraine triggers?  
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What state do you live in? I'm sure the group can recommend a much better place for you to go.  and now that you have an "offical" diagnosis from a neurologist, your priamary care should be able to take over the prescription and you won't have to go back to the *******.  
Also, you mention you don't have insurance, are there free clinics that you can go to? they usually suck but if you want to save 250 bucks the wait time might be worth it.  Also, what about the health center at your school?  you have a standing prescription now, show them the bottle and tell them you dont have the time or money to see a specialist and they should give you a script, those pills are controls and they aren't abusable so they should have no problem.
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oh...and you tell that neurologist that stress makes every condition worse and if you had the luxury to avoid stress you would, but there's simple not much you or anyone else can do about it right now.  So he's just gonna have to work with what you give him. What doctor  is upset that his patients are sick? that's why they show up isn't is?
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I was on Immitrex, for awhile too, didn't work at all. My neurologist pretty much told me the same thing he told you. "You don't have a rare disease" You need to star away from caffeine, and stress.
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