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No Migraine for 3 weeks - Eliminated Dairy from Diet

Hi All,

Not so much a question, but a brilliant break through.  After seeing a Naturopath who specialises in treating long term Migraineurs, I was advised to eliminate all Dairy from my diet, at this point I thought it was worth a try and I am so thrilled to report that I haven't had a Migraine for 3 full weeks!

I have had 2 very light headaches, but easily manageable and not even close to Migraine.

I wouldn't have believed it...... no dairy = no migraine.

Might be worth a try for others?
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Glad you found a solution for your migraines!  How exciting for you!
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Just saw your note, if I can ask how long was it between the time you quit dairy to the lessening of your migraines?
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Hey if that can work I am willing to try it.  BUT how to eat with out dairy.  Its in everything.  lol  I know it just seems like it is.  So do you have a good non-dairy butter solution?
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Yes, I do believe dairy is a contributing factor to migraines.  Especially fermented dairy products such as cheese.  I found a terrific website after I read someone's post about tyramine intolerance and migraines.  Oh, and there are great dairy alternatives out there, if you're willing to do the work.  I would seriously consider going without dairy, though, because it isn't the only source for calcium.  In fact many of your dark green vegetables actually have more calcium than milk does.  My migraines are a bit more complicate than just eliminating dairy, however eliminating fermented milk products and real butter has been helpful.  Butter is bad, because I crave it.  I noticed when I overdo butter that I have more migraines and worse IBS symptoms.  So, butter is out for me.

When finding a butter alternative, I advise people with IBS or migraines either one to stay away from the usual soy margarine substitutes.  Soy is not health food, and it is a common allergen and it's one of the foods that is a problem for any of us affected by tyramine intolerance.  I know for sure that I am affected by tyramine intolerance, and I believe most of us on this forum are, too.  If you can make it work, and are careful about not saturating your gluten free bread with it, flaxseed oil has an interesting taste some might like instead of butter.  Actually, any kind of healthy oil (not canola and not soy) that you like the taste of that is not over used can be used instead of butter, if you don't saturate the bread with it.  You could try one of those pumps that one buys for olive oil and just spray your gluten free bread with a favorite healthy oil as an alternative to butter for your toast or other bread products.  Just a suggestion for anyone willing to give it a shot.

I'm actually nearly dairy free.  There are two kinds of milk substitutes worth a shot, depending on what your specific food sensitivities are:  almond milk or rice milk.  I don't recommend using soy milk.  I do believe soy only creates more problems for those of us with migraine issues for the reasons I already mentioned.  And, if you think dairy is everywhere, just wait 'til you start looking for hidden sources of soy.  

One of the reasons I simplified my shopping to avoiding packaged and processed foods was because I got sick of reading labels and finding that nearly everything had something in it I was avoiding.  You will find that this is actually less frustrating, too.  Real food is easier to deal with.  The packaged and processed stuff is usually full of the very things that make people with migraine disorders have more migraines, too.  So, you will see that this is actually better, even though it's not as convenient when you find you have to cook from scratch more.  It does actually save money, though, so maybe that will help motivate some people here.

If anyone has IBS in addition to migraines, this website will be a blessing, because even if you don't totally rid yourself of migraines, you will hopefully be less miserable.  Even that is a good goal.  Cherries, carrots and apples are not hypoallergenic, even though this website claims they are.  However, the overall accuracy is excellent, so it's definitely worth your time and effort:

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WOW, Thank you so much.  I will read the link.  My doc has been wanting me to give up wheat/gluten and dairy for years now.  I thought it was just because she is a fitness freak and its completely Veg.  However, over the last two weeks I have been doing more reading and the gluten and dairy sensitivity would explain so many issues.  At the sametime my Migraines got worse, so did my Fibro.  Both just grew 4x worse at the same time I gave up smoking.  Which is just really weird, you would think it would help.  lol  O well, I am getting use to being contradiction to my doctors training.  

Thanks again for sharing.  Even if it does not help me, I just know it will help others.
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I understand if you don't think it will help you personally, but I sure do think it will help someone else out there.  More and more people I know are figuring out that they have gluten sensitivity to some degree or another and/or lactose intolerance.  It sure seems to make a big difference.  I haven't seen it help with the FMS, but it does help with the digestive issues.
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I have been trying to work up the guts to give a non-dairy and gluten free diet a try for years now.  I even get a magazine called "Living without".  It helps me cook for 2 of my kids.  They were born with dairy allergies like their father and one of my other two girls just realized she has a lactose sensitivity.  Its straing.  It is so much easier to take care of them and to change for them, then it is for myself.  Not sure, but i think I am allergic to change.....lol  I am in the process of figuring out some recipies and meal plans.  I want to atleast give it a month.  Its not like I can not go back if it does not help.  If it does help great.  It will be nice to see if the Fibro and/or Migraines get better.  It would be fantastic if it helps with the IBS aswell.  My doctor said she has never seen anyone take as much laxitives as I have ans still not go. Anyway, Thanks a bunch.  Wish me luck, I really do not do good with big changes.  Took 5 times of quiting smoking for it to finally stick.
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