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Periactin ???

Hi All,

After my recent neuro appointment she discussed a preventitive with me. The hub and I are going to try to get pregnant in the next several months.The neuro is going to discuss a Baby safe preventitive with the fertility doc for me. She mentioned Periactin as a choice. She said that the childhood migraine drugs would be the best way for us to go not only for the baby but also because I am ultra drug sensitive aswell.
Anyone familure with this one?

Thanks, Theresa.....
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I've been on Periactin since '99 when I was in 5th grade. I've stayed on it, and it does help w/ the migraines.
Good luck!

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Thanks Dame!
I am going to start on Sunday...

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Hi  Periactin, Grate  drug for migrains.  I was put onto it back in 93 ( 9 yers old ) I'm 26 now I came off it about 6 or so months later when i went onto tegretol ( antiepeleptic) that controlled my headakes and migrains for many yeaars last year after doing a blood screen I was recomended to lower my tegretol dose by 200mg /day a few short weeks after doing so my headakes and migrains returned to the point where I was needing codine and tramal ( not at onece of course ) at lest once a week.

I finaley went back to my gp after spending all day on a satruday with a migrain and vomiting due to the pain.

after mentioning thast I'ed been on periactin he offered to put me back on it to see how it went. I had 95% releaf in 12-24H and still do today. I'm not saying it won't get rid of all your hadakes you w8ill on ocasion get mild ones but panadol or one dose of ibeprofin will or should fix them. it should stop the need for high end pain killers - that was waht my doctor and I are trying to avoid as I'm on so many other meds as well.

As you've aldreay started it you'll know by now but it will knowck you out I can sleep for up to 14 H a day if I'mnot disturbed. it has more or less sorted out my insomnia which is great.

Take only one tab for about 3 or 4 weeks tahn introduce the second ( I was perscribed 2 a day half by half over aobut 4 weeks I reccon I treid 1/2 am with my pm dose sun and ws very groggey. I still don't know if I'll ever beable to take the am at all but so far one is doing well for me.

I really hope theis medication works for you, I know how bad migrains can be I wish you all the best by all means get back to me if you want more into on periactin from me If I can help you out I will!

all the best David - brisbane Australia 26
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Hi Theresa
i am on day 20 of a migraine i know how you feel...
im heading to a neurologist in couple weeks... id like to know more about the drug sensitive option as well as i react to alot as well. id like to know
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