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Preventative Migraine Medications

If you take a preventative/prophylactic migraine medication, what type are you currently taking? Feel free to be more specific by replying to this post stating which antidepressant or anticonvulsant or betablocker you are currently taking. Also, feel free to let us know if you think what you are currently taking is working.
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I am currently taking Topamax and a betablocker called Nadolol. I am also taking 300mg of Coenzyme Q10 a day. I recently got botox injections too.

I think that the topamax might have helped with the chronic pain. And, I think that the botox helped a bit too. I don't know if the nadolol has helped at all... but, I am going to keep taking it for a few more months before I make up my mind about it. I also don't really know if the Coenzyme Q10 is working at all either, but... I am going to keep taking it for a little while longer (at least a month or two more) before I make up my mind about it too.

I have currently run out of magnesium... for a few months now! But, I usually take that too. And... I have lots of B2... but, I haven't been taking it lately... I feel like it's just too many pills that I have to take... so, I'm giving myself a break from the B2, since I wasn't really sure if it was working for me or not anyway. I will probably go back to the B2 after I finish the CoQ10 that I have at the moment instead of buying more CoQ10, since I already have the B2 at home.
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So glad you told me about this group..........Thank you!  I take Nadalol, magnesium, fever few, b complex, and a herbal migraine relief with many things for acute migraines.  As you can see I try it all ...LOL :)
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Hi Tracy,

Oh! We both take nadolol! I don't think I'd realized we both took nadolol until just now! I knew that we both use zomig (right?), but I didn't realize that we both use the same betablocker. Small world!  

Does the nadolol work for you? I've only been taking it for about a month and a half now so I don't know yet if it is working for me. The neurologist said it could take up to 3 months before I would know for sure if it was working or not.

The funny thing about the nadolol is that I used to have SUCH a fast heart beat/pulse. My friends used to tease me about it... because it was always over 100 beats per minute. They would say I had a hampster heart (because hampsters always feel like they are having heart attacks when you hold them) or tease me that I was going to run out of heart beats!! Now my pulse is always around 50 beats per minute. So slow!!

I also take topamax too. The neurologist didn't take me off of the topamax when he put me on the nadolol, because the topamax did slightly decrease the amount of headaches, but not to under 15 a month which is the eventual goal.
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Thanks for telling me about this group.  I have these headaches everyday and can use all the help I can get.  It looks like I'll have to stop using Naproxen all together.  It's not really super effective on these headaches anyway.  I just had an endoscopy and the GI said that he found a couple of areas of concern and took a couple of gastric biopsies.  It's too soon to know what the results will be, since I was told it could take at least a week and a half to get the results back.  But, the fact that he found areas of concern in my stomach and because I also have GERD, that makes me think that I probably have an ulcer.  I guess I'll find out if there is H-pylori later.  In any case, this does make me think I won't be able to use any NSAIDS any more.  And, I have intolerance to all the narcotic pain medications.

The neurologist just changed me from Nortriptyline to a related medication called Desiprimine as the prevenatative.  He is thinking that he will start me on a beta blocker, since I seem to be pre-hypertensive, too.  My PCP is hesitant about that one.  She thinks it's better to use it for the headaches, but she disagrees about using high blood pressure medications just yet.  But, a couple of nights ago I was back in the ER with a migraine that just wasn't getting any better with home treatments and my BP was higher than I remember it ever being.  Obviously, there is a connection, but then when a person is in pain the body responds with higher blood pressure.  I don't remember what my pulse was, but it's often fast when the BP is high.

I am also using magnesium, B2 and feverfew.  I don't think it really helps me any.

The doctor hasn't mentioned using Topamax yet.  I don't know if he will.  I've never heard of Nadolol.  I'm still learning about medications that can be used to treat migraines.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but I'm one of those people who isn't able to use the narcotics.  I just have to live with the pain.  I found out that my cousin has Fibromyalgia (FMS), too, and she has the same problem with the pain medications.  Like me, she has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  I read on the FMS forum that there is at least one other person on the forum who can't tolerate the narcotics for the pain.  I know sometimes these medications are used for treating migraines, but for me they actually aggravate the migraines.

I'm in the middle of fibro flares and really bad migraines, so the fatigue and pain are really bad right now.  From what I understand, just having migraines will cause this fatigue, too.  Many of the symptoms will overlap between the fibro and the migraines.  I think the endoscopy triggered the fibro flares I'm having right now.
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Wow, I tried topamax too, Marileew :)  Sounds like we are on the same program LOL.
I know I just started the Nadolol but it does lower heart rate and bp, which mine is already low, maybe I need hamster meds.?  Plus it counteracts my Asthma meds and I am having trouble with that now.  So I doubt the Dr will keep me on it.  

Topamax had too many side effects, the tingling kept me up at night and was so severe I had to walk to relieve it...and I can't do that 24/7 plus I fall when I walk ...heheha great combination huh?

FurballsMom, they hung magnesium at the hospital when I had a silent migraine for me that is why I take it.  Not sure about the others helping, but when I take magnesium with my zomig it seems to help more.  So on bad days I take extra of the herbs.  Wish I knew also if they help and how much.

Now my migraine tracker is down, did it catch whatever Marileew's had? LOl
Nice to know we aren't alone.
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oh no! Sorry to hear that your migraine tracker caught what mine had! LOL our migraine trackers must have migraines, hahaha. Or maybe they have the swine flu, LOL.

But seriously, I've spoken to a few people at MedHelp and they said that they are working on fixing all of the migraine trackers. They should be back up before Sunday I think? Hopefully sooner!
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