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Vitamin B-12 levels for migtraine sufferers

I was seen by a migraine specialists approx. three years ago and through blood tests I was told I needed Vitamin B-12 shots.  I was prescribed the shots to be taken every two weeks.  My primary care physicians questioned the shots as he felt my Vitamin B-12 level was normal.  I went back to the migraine specialist and asked her about my primary care physicians concern.  She told me the people suffering from migraines need higher levels of V-B12.   I now have a new primary care physician who is an osteopathic/Medical doctor who is telling me my Vitamin B-12 levels are higher than normal and is having me take the shots every three weeks.  I am noticing a difference in the way I feel as well as my migraines are coming back more often.   So I am wondering what should the Vitamin B-12 levels be for migraine sufferers?    She also wants to put me to discontinue the shots and take a B-Vitamin Complex.  After reading about the pros and cons for the shots and the pills and since my insurance will pay for the shots wouldn't it be better to stay on the shots?  
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