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Hi - I don't have a question but maybe have some answers for the other migraine sufferers out there. I have been a migraine sufferer for about twenty years. From the days when you had to lock yourself in a dark room for 3 days, vomiting and rolling in pain, scared of someone making a noise and having a spouse that does not even suffer from headaches! The old medication like cafegot used to make us throw up and wouldn't work once the pain hit, now we have the rizatriptans like maxalt that will actually take the pain away even if you feel rather spaced out afterwards and sensitive to heat. Looking back through an old migraine diary, I see that one month I had 5 days of NOT taking some sort of medication. After several months like this I thought that I had to do something or else I would shoot myself as I coudn't see my life carrying like this. I had tried every natural remedy, seen 3 different neurologist (who had 3 different ideas about migraines!), had my teeth examined, visited chiropracters etc. A client sent me an arcticle from Belgium about botox injections used for the treatment of cerebral palsy and I also had a friend with spastic torticolus that used botox to help her neck spasms. I tried this for 1 year, having about 30 injections every 3 months mainly down the right side of my face, temples and neck. This treatment along with the cutting back of taking codeine tablets nearly every day helped stop the viscous cycle. As most of you know, taking too much medication also triggers migraines! Another breakthrough came when after visiting 4 different doctors including a gynocologist for severe stomach problems, I was told that I had a colon infection. I eventually went for a colonoscopy and the specialist told me that my colon was fine but that he thought my problem was that I was allergic to diary products. After cutting out ALL diary products (yes, even that little smear of butter), the migraines virtually disappeared. This was one of my major triggers and it took me twenty years and lots of money to find that out! I have found out that citrus, bananas, chocolate (cocoa), alcohol, instant coffee and soya milk are also my triggers. Another thing that I believe has also helped is that I am menopausal. In later years I used to get a migraine for 3 days at the start of every period. I have since had a hysterectomy (due to cancer) and so don't have that problem any more. One thing that I recommend is that each migraine sufferer keeps a migraine diary. Write down every tablet that you take and what food and drink you have had. Also stress and weather changes. Something else that used to trigger my migraines was that if I drove along a road that had trees down each side so that there was a constant flashing of light/dark patterns, I would always end up with a migraine. Same with driving at night, with oncoming vehicles bright lights. Remember that too much medication will also trigger your migraines. After a while you will perhaps see a pattern. I also discovered that you have a hot or a cold migraine type person. Icepacks on the head helped me with the pain, with some others it makes it worse. I even used to go and start in front of an open fridge! Excuse some of my spelling as I have just taken a maxalt tablet (I ate a chocolate yesterday) so I am not quite of this world!!  
Well, I hope that this information will help someone out there. Good luck!
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Thanks for sharing!  It sounds like from your taking maxalt after chocolate, you aren't quite an ex-migraine sufferer then!  I am in surgical menopause as well (but for severe endometriosis issues) and, while it has helped the migraine situation, I have numerous triggers that can still bring them on and I usually have averaged 5 a month post hysterectomy.  It's good you learned a lot of yours and can choose to avoid those!
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I have just recently discovered Maxalt and that stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! I gave up on my migraine chart...it was to depressing to see more days with a headache/migraine then not. I have been suffering for years and have yet to discover my triggers. I think mine are mainly from the barometer. I did want to try Botox but have heard mixed reviews. I too get different headaches/migraines so I've just accepted that I will have a headache/migraine 24/7. I can accept that...what I don't like...when they wake me up from my sleep at night or first thing in the morning thinking...mmm great it's still there!
Good to know there is hope out there, thanks for sharing!
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