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Agent Orange Exposure: Diseases Recognized by VA


I found the following information on the VA website and thought I'd share it.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) :  As a presumptive condition for in-country Vietnam veterans:

Birth Defects - Spina Bifida:   The Veterans’ Benefits Act of 1997 granted benefits for children of Vietnam veterans who were suffering from spina bifida (38 U.S.C. §1805). Reference: 38 CFR §3.814

Current Conditions Considered by VA Presumptive to AO Exposure:

These are the diseases which VA currently presumes resulted from exposure to herbicides like Agent Orange. The law requires that some of these diseases be at least 10% disabling under VA's rating regulations within a deadline that began to run the day you left Vietnam. If there is a deadline, it is listed in parentheses after the name of the disease.

Chloracne or other acneform disease consistent with chloracne. (Must occur within one year of exposure to Agent Orange).

Hodgkin's disease.

Multiple myeloma.

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Acute and subacute peripheral neuropathy. (For purposes of this section, the term acute and subacute peripheral neuropathy means temporary peripheral neuropathy that appears within weeks or months of exposure to an herbicide agent and resolves within two years of the date of onset.)

Porphyria cutanea tarda. (Must occur within one year of exposure to Agent Orange).

Prostate cancer.

Respiratory cancers (cancer of the lung, bronchus, larynx, or trachea).

Soft-tissue sarcoma (other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, or mesothelioma).

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Thanks for sharing this!
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Jack, Do you believe that only the what the VA has their presumptive list is all the AO causes?  There are many problems caused by dioxin, only problem is...research is not been done.  My hubby is a Vietnam Vet with Lupus.  He is now in a Lupus Research Study from Lupus Foundation in OK.  I read somewhere that the DoD is having research done.  I hope this group my hubby is in is part of this DoD one.  My suggestion, is look for a research group from whatever your illness is.  
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Aletta, I thank Jack was  just sayin alot of vets dont know that they can git treatment and Montery comsetation if thy have these ceretain dieases , they should eb alot more added to the list.and thank yuo for your input,all information is herlful, and welcome home to your Husband.


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Thank you...this forum is new to me...still figuring it out.  Thank your for your service and welcome home.
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Truly ~ there are many many service connected medical conditions that a lot of Veterans are not aware of.
Fortunately, after our Vietnam Veterans waited OVER 30 YEARS!!!, some of the laws have changed in the last few years, ultimately making it easier for the Veteran to receive financial compensation, and medical treatment related to their active duty service.

If anyone is interested in finding out how to get connected to medical care, somewhat quickly, depending on the medical condition, and the availability of VA clinic's in your area... contact me! my email is VeteranAdvocate AT Comcast.net or contact me here.

I'm working on two claims both for Marines that served in the 70's.
One man has waited since 1980 for his benefits. The Board of Veterans Appeals in on the side of this Veteran, and has dished it back to the Regional Office (VA) here in Portland Oregon.
I love taking these laws and Making Them Work for the Veteran!
That's what they are there for!    So many in the VA system are just so burned out, they should quit. The Veterans care should never be sacrificed b/c someone doesn't know the laws have changed to help the Veteran, or b/c they don't have the energy to follow thru.
That's why I volunteer, and will never work for the fed. or state.
I'm not bound by their limiting laws.
Didn't mean to get carried away.... it's likely my own lupus is the direct result of agent orange exposure. Need to get hooked up with the lupus foundation in OKC and get my own service connect ~ connected!!!
In Peace & With Respect ~ Woshi
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in country seems to be a the key wording ,I keep running into when I try to apply for my exposure to agent orange. service USMC 1967 to 1971 . first 1/2 spent armore plating ch46's second 1/2 spent decommisioning helocopters returning from viet nam . they called it corrosion control team, a short time later, after some of my team came up with unexpained rashes from exposure to licquid that filled the bilges of the first ch53's returning from viet nam, I realize we where actually a decontamination team. after the first draining of the helocopter bilges on to the hanger deck ( as directed) it was realized what we where dealing with. because I was never in viet nam all claims denide. I am now a panceatic cancer surviver with diabetes and many other health issues that may be related to my service. Wayne Michael Young  NO DIRECTION TO TURN
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I am one more individual that has been diagnosed with lupus after returning from Vietnam, and type II diabetes.  I know that most of my time was spent in areas where AO was used.  I am posting this note for anyone intresting in accumulating data that might aid in  establishing a link between AO and lupus. Robert
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It is good that some vets are receiving compensation and that for some vets it will be easier to be approved.  HOWEVER, although the list of harm for Vietnam Vets is a very good one ... the powers that be have blamed the wrong chemical.  Dioxin may be there, but per one researcher's comments, AO does not cause autoimmune issues.

It would be the other chemical in the mix that is common place for all wars and everyone in between, both in service and for civilians, too

The other chemical would be in gun cleaners, and many other sources.  Think back, when did you have flu symptoms?  Then look for the exposure to glycol butyl ethers ... especially 2-butoxyethanol.

I think it must be in the fumes of explosions.  (Would love to know what a chemist would find).

ALS for instance is a stand out harm for Gulf War Vets.  It is showing up in every service period with no explanation as to why.

So, just because dioxin is present, doesn't mean it is the cause of all that ails you.

Just because a virus is found for some with 'flu' symptoms, doesn't mean it is the cause of what ails you.

If the other chemical was something like 2-butoxyethanol, it could cause multiple autoimmune issues of which lupus would be one.  And the proof is the FATIGUE that evades doctors:  AIHA or IMHA.  Ask the doctors to have the lab tech LOOK at the red blood cells, and LOOK for liver and kidney function (there is a hormone - erythropoietin -  that must be present to make red blood cells, cause wound healing :&  neurological proper functioning, too).   Diabetes is only one of many side effects of this chemical exposure.  Autoimmune hypothalamus would also cause abnormal blood pressure / abnormal body temperature / and low blood sugar is a side effect as well.

I have heard that gamma globulin helps autoimmune platelets; maybe it will help autoimmune red blood cells which would be the most life threatening of all ailments, and would be there as well if 2-butoxyethanol exposure is the cause of 'all that ails you'
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When my husband passed away in 1999, we had never heard of agent orange. No need to go to V.A. since we had good insurance. He was diagnosed with CLL.  He also had other symptoms of exposure such as peripheral neuropathy in his hip, leg both feet & in his right arm, hand. Operation for carpal tunnel didn't help & was diagnosed as sciaticia (mispelled?). Then there came the little blisters all over sun exposed areas which hurt, PCT. In 1999, CLL wasn't on the "list" so I couldn't get DIC. 2003 it came on the list, I reapplied BUT although his symptoms matched, they said it had to be a V.A. doctor to diagnose it & I can't prove he was in Vietnam since he was stationed in Germany 1963/1964. Odd thing is, is that for the last 2 1/2 months that he was in there, they have him listed as a cook (from a MTB and tank/track vehicle repairman)!! BUT while he was a "cook" he went from E-4 to E-5 & got a pay raise. I'm going to try to get all his records if they'll give them ALL to me, have requested them twice & they'll add a few more pages when they send them. He said he was in Vietnam at that time, I can't PROVE anything, it's not on his DD214. He also said it was a quick order for reassignment that came through--something about fires or something.  He hardly ever talked about it & I never pushed it. If anyone knows anything that can help me PLEASE e-mail me at ***@****. Thanks so much.
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Has any Nam veteran experienced systemic scelorderma?

Steve T  1st Cav
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Years ago I ws given 30% PTSD by the VA.  Recently was diagnosed with Parkinsons.  Are they ever going to include PD to their recognized list?

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I'm a  Vietnam vet, haven't had a drink in over 30 years, diebetes 2 for at least 10 years, past 4 years have been in hospital 12 times with pancreatitis.  Fighting now with VA but they claim pancreatitis is not caused by service connected diabetes. What else can a person do?
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I'm an in country Viet Nam vet (1965), USMC.
Currently rated at 100% T&P:  PTSD & Type-II and wounds.
I found in 1974 that my platelet count was 65,000. I went through all kinds of tests (private doctors), they found nothing that would cause my count to be so low.
Last week I received a call from another (private) doctor telling me he is very concerned that my count is 50,000 and wants to set up a meeting with me.
My question is, I've recently had a quadruple by-pass, have had pancreatitis in the past (very painful by the way) and want to know if anyone knows if the VA recognizes low platelets are also due to AO?
My VA doctor is well aware of the low platelet count also, but has not ever discussed it with me.
Any info will be of help.

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Viet Vet 72-73 was in area that was sprayed with AO several time. absolute bare dirt and dust with jungle all round.  Started developing all kinds of sores on legs, in country.  2years after returning, had vein stripping & ligation both legs.  thru VA found out my platlet count has been going down last 4 years, as of yesterday count was 27 normal is 150-350. I am also pre diabetic.  Was in best shape of my life until Nam, been going downhill since.
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I am very sure that AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE MCTD MIXED CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASE IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS AGENT ORANGE illnesses. I prepared, mixed and sprayed it every day on Andersen AFB Guam and off base Air Force fuels facilities and pipleline. A buddy of mine worked in CES Fuels Maintenance and has lupus, diabetes II, peripheral neuropathy, congestive heart failiure, edeam, sausage looking fingers and toes,  memory loss, eye sight loss, lymphoma.. contact me at ***@**** and lets get to the next NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE AGENT ORANGE COMMISSION /DR MARY PAXTON on this issue. It is an overlapping disease and looks like single diseases but it isn't. it attacks the thymus, thryoid, heart, lungs, spine (anklylosing spondiolitis) spinal stenosis,  chloracne, sterility, ever cancer imaginable and the enitire GI Tract to include esophegeal cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, peripherial neuropathy, ischemic heart disease..i have many of these..when you see more than one illness you had better throw up the red flags for AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE MCTD...ITS A KILLER..STOP THE INFLAMMATION AND STOP THE PROGRESSION GET TESTED NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE
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yes my buddy who lives in missouri has lupus and scleroderma. we are very certain that he and I both have AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE MCTD AND LUPUS AND SCLERODERMA are primary diseases of this overlapping disease including almost all of the current presumptive illnesses plus many that are not. I am being tested on Jan 20th for AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE MCTD which is a blood test. My buddy was denied by the VA to get this test done on him in Kansas City, Missouri VAMC. The VA does not want AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE MCTD to be connected or presumptive as it would open the flood gates to many disease of which many are being questioned above such as pancreatic disease, thyroid disease, intestinal cancers to include the entire GI TRACT and many, many others. EVERYONE IMMUNE SYSTEM is different and because of that the TCDD DIOXIN ENTRY INTO THE SYSTEM AND THYMUS attacks the weaks links in the body, i.e. chloracne, anklylosing spondiolitis, lupus, scleroderma, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure from the inflammation to the heart and lungs, spine, joints, digestive system, immune sytem, thyroid, liver dysfunction, and many many other diseases and most cancers.
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Yes, Parkinson's in now on the Presumptive Disabiility Approval list:

On October 13, 2009, three new presumptive service-connected diseases were added to the VA’s list of illnesses associated with exposure to Agent Orange.  The diseases are:  ischemic heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and hairy cell leukemia.  For more information about these diseases, go to www.veteranshealth.org
VVA Press Release

VA Secretary Shinseki Does the Right Thing:  Adds Parkinson’s,
Ischemic Heart Disease, and Hairy-Cell Leukemia to
List of ‘Presumptives’
october 13, 2009

“VA Secretary Shinseki deserves the thanks of all veterans who served in Vietnam for being true to his word in adding Parkinson’s disease, ischemic heart disease, and hairy-cell leukemia to the list of illnesses associated with exposure to the herbicide known as Agent Orange,” said John Rowan, National President of Vietnam Veterans of America, after the Secretary’s long-anticipated decision was announced this morning.
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Gamma Globulin is a REAL help for low platelet count.  Suspect autoimmune issue here:  ITP They don't know why, but gamma globulin causes platelets to thrive.  It is also found to save the lives of children with too much exposure to carpet cleaning chemicals.  Doctors notice Kawasaki syndrome.  (Jett Travolta almost died at age 2 after his mom was doing too much carpet cleaning; he came down with Autism and the seizure he had 14 years later could be the advanced anemia.  Lack of oxygen is also a cause of seizures.)

ITP is said to be an autoimmune issue similar to an autoimmune issue against the red blood cells:  AIHA.  I think this is the FATIGUE that doctors are looking for in CFIDS, CFS, FM.  

Most of the things you all are mentioning are AUTOIMMUNE issues.

May I send you a private message?
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Yes my father who was a vietnam vet died from scleroderma in 92.
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quangtri 1968-69 1/4th marines.22 years old.wounded twice.went to the va woman said what makes you think you have ptsd?kidney cancer left kidney removed now right kidney,new doctor severe ptsd,nerve damage,seizures.i only hope i can win this time.of course we all know agent orange doesn''t cause kidney cancer.
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I am the widow of a Vietnam Vet who had Lupus and type II diabetes.  He died of cardiac arrest in 2000.  I am interested in accumulating data and establishing a link between AO and lupus.  Miss Nancy
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My husband's dad served two terms in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange and his son was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma at the age of 19. He currently has raynaud's disease, systemic sclerosis.. I am now in the process of gathering as much information as possible as VA denied his claim. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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I am a widow of a Vietnam vet who passed away in 2010 due to complications following a stem cell transplant for myelofibrosis. I am wondering if Myelofibrosis and agent orange have a connection, if so why isn't it on the list of diseases caused by agent orange.  I have seen where some servicemen have gone to court and won due to this disease.
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Anything new on connection between pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis or liver cancer incidence in Viet Vets and Agent Orange, esp. on part of VA recognition?  Husband facing exploratory surgery tomorrow, dreading diagnosis.
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my dad was in nam in 1970-74 he died in 1993 from scleroderma lung
i am trying to find out if there is one can tell me what i can do to get a ceack up for my self i have been have lung problems  and the va would not give my dad but 10% any help losts
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My dad served in Vietnam and was diagnosed with AML a year after symptoms began. He was denied . His daughter was born with hierchsprungs disease and was denied (approved disease for women veterns). Does anyone know where I can get info. on either of these diseases? The gov. wants us to give up the fight or die before anything is given to these heroes.  
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I have been living with Lupus since I was 17.  I am 29 years old and still having issues.  How did the study go for your husband?  My father had many health issues when he came back from Vietnam. My father had agent orange.   Please let me know.  I feel that this is a factor of what caused meto be sick.  NO one in my family has Lupus. Thank you for your time.
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We have a member who is trying to find out if there is a connection between Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam and Primary Myelofibrosis.  Does anyone have info on this, or can anyone point me to a place that might?

Thanks so much.
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All is not lost, but more diligence is required. Make it easy for a doctor to help you, by putting it all in a portfolio with a copy of your DD-214. Remind them that all the VA wants is that that the Doc feels that its as likely as not cause be exposure to agent orange. Be sure to use any photo's, cruise book info, letters home that you might have or shared any important details in. Also buddy statements, from anyone you worked with that can attest to the job you were doing. Obviously the more examples of theses items you can get together the better chances of success.
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You've probably found more information since you first posted here but check this out too.
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