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Army Medical Records from Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center

I am currently trying to get a VA Disability from my time in service. I was involved in a car accident while on Active duty and was treated at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center. They closed and no records can be found. The VA was able to find all medical records on me but the ones from Fitzsimmons. Does anyone know what happened to those records once it closed? I really need these these records to validate my back injury. Any help would be appreciated.
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Did you try contacting Anschutz Medical Campus and see if they have your records?
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The records can more than likely be found here if they are any where to be found.

National Personnel Records Center
Military  Personnel Records
9700 Page Avenue
St Louis, MO 63132-5100

The have on-line service request so you do not have to write even a letter.  Go to your search engine and type in information on this place.  Just file out the on-line request and/or call their toll-free line.   This is just one more source of finding your information.

Please be aware that the VA Regional Office in Denver CO will fight you tooth and nail. They will do almost anything they can to prevent you from getting compensation or VA Pension. Believe me I am one of their victims myself.  I have be locked into a struggle with them for over 26 yrs now.  I been fighting for VA Compensation.  Be prepared for a very long fight.  Just my two cents worth of encouragement.
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good luck to ya, they cant find mine either.  they diagnosed me with a problem while on active duty.  now i have a severe problem that i believe may stem from it.  i signed the release for the records.  they have come up even with the meps records, but the medical records from my duty station where the diagnosis was made just cannot be found.  I sure hope yours will be.  Amy
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I was 12 when they closed Fitzsimons down... couple years ago I needed medical records for my ear surgeries as I was a dependent of an officer there. The information I got:

Mail a letter or Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records to:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138

Fax a letter or Standard Form 180 to: 314-801-9195

However, I've never heard anything back. Been told its " a crap shoot" on if they can find someones records there or not. And length of time is undetermined.
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Meant to post this for everyone.
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