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Athlete's Foot


Well, for starters, granted this may not be the only forum that deals with such an issue, yet my girlfriend (1st Lt. US Army - currently deployed overseas) suggested I give it a try nonetheless. So, that having been said, thank you for taking the time to read my posting.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the soles of my feet were dry & that the skin was cracking (as if the bare foot had been dragged across a rough surface...which was not the case). I bought moisturizer so as to soften the skin, yet the rough skin exterior persisted. Then came the itching & burning sensation (feet).

I checked online & found out I had Athlete's Foot  (something I nerver had before & I am baffled as to how I got it in the first place...I read a list as to how it can be gotten, yet none of the scenarios applied to me).

Is the Lamisil AT spray (for the bottom of my feet) a good option? Mycocide (for under the nails of the big toes...infection site is small at this point...far less then 1/3 of the size of a dime...very front of toe nails, right & left, where they come in contact with the flesh of the toes)?

I could kick myself for not realizing the significance of this problem sooner, yet I also have never had to deal with a fungal infection either (ergo my naivity). Well, needless to say I wish I did not have this at all or, at least, realized what it was sooner.

I thank you in advance for all of your help and understanding.

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i get that when i wear my shoes without socks, itches real bad
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I see you have posted on the Alternative Med Forum aswell with this question, my only response is from the Dh who says Rum works, I dont know if he means rub it on the affected foot or drink it...probably drink it .
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Hello margypops,


Well, thank you for you input! :o)

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Ha Ha I am sorry warped English  sense of humor thats what he has, I believe that Lamasil works good, i remember him using it once .
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try using coconut oil.  Hear it willl clear it up quickly.  But give it time and remember it is oil so be sure to wear socks.  just try it, u won't be sorry.  Take it by mouth as well, it is really good for you.
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