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Just curious how many of us (military) are out there that have been dx'd with autoimmune disease...possible from repeated vaccinations?  After Hep B, I've found myself with pernicious anemia, hashimoto's thyroiditis, raynauds, and possibly MS. (No family history) But proving this as a service connected disability to a MEB is impossible!
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Hep B can be SC.  My hubby is a Vietnam vet with lupus.
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ive really wondered about this possibility.  i watched a special on montel.  he had a bunch of service people on the show with many of the symptoms i have and it seemed that the jist of it was the claim was it was due to the immunizations we were forced to endure.  my problem is getting them to turn over records. do any of you have similar problems.  i cant even find out results of tests. oh theyll tell me, oh it was negative or positive or something of that nature, but then later the answer someone else gives will be different than the previous one.  I can't seem to get my hands on any actual figures.  I have filled out an actual release of information form and requested my file from active duty trying to file for a disability claim due to the diagnosis they gave me while on active duty.  i guess they just don't want to pay that disabilty.  it has became so bad that they have actually given me medication to affect future tests.  i am appaulled by this and wander just what can be done to change this system.  you can only change doctors in the system once per year.  the va is the only medical coverage that i have.  the sad part is....like you stated...they may very well have caused the problems that i have.
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Hi there,
I am a service connected veteran and when I left the military I requested all my records and tests. The only reason I am service connected is because I did that. I am still fighting the VA in regards to MS. The key element I have is that they cannot deny the MRI I have from 1996 which was done for sudden hearing loss. The VA said I had an Arachnoid Cyst but my Neurologist supports my claim that in fact I had white matter lesions not a cyst. How long have you been out of the service? if it has been within five years you should be able to get any films and test results. If not get in touch with your local American Legion chapter and the patient leasion for the VA to help you. Good luck
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I think the primary harm to our vets this past century and especially in war times is from BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol.  This is THE autoimmune causing chemical

My thoughts on this to gulf war vets with for sure exposure


If correct this exposure would be provable by the anemia that it causes (& which is not found by doctors) THE Anemia of CFIDS, CFS, FM, ME

I suspect the birth defects that are showing up in all eras, after a soldier's syndrome starts up ... would be similar


Can you help me complete the list?

Death of Green Beret Staff Sgt James Alford may be realted to this chemical exposure, too.  He had a diagnosis same as that of some gulf war vets' children


I write these web pages to share my ideas
I learned about this chemical when it was listed as the primary chemical of harm for the Exxon Valdez Oil spill cleanup workers ...  and then they 'looked' like the symptoms I learned about of other vets - Gulf war vet group first
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it can be from the heat being it the sun long time. the breathing part is hard when your working in the sun with heavy armor. can be heat rash too side effects.
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I have MS, dx'd in 2015. I really think it has something to do with the vaccinations, all of them all at once and then I got anthrax shots. It's service connected but was easy because it was in my records and I was dx'd with 7 years of separating.
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