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Herbicide exposure causing Multiple Sclerosis?

A friend of mind is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. He was in the Republic of Vietnam 1966-1967 for over 1 year and was heavily exposed to Agent Orange. His only concern in contracting this illness is his in country stay.

Do you or can you directed me, or if you have, informtion on research done to show the connection between Agent Orange exposure and Mulitple Sclerosis. My friend's time on this earth is very narrow.


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Multiple sclerosis is not included in the list of diseases
for which the presumption of service connection applies for
veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange.  See 38 C.F.R.
§ 3.309(e) (2003).  Although it is not included as a
presumptive disease, a veteran may be
entitled to service connection for multiple sclerosis if the
evidence shows that the multiple sclerosis was, in fact,
caused by the veteran's exposure to Agent Orange.  Combee,
34 F.3d at 1039. The site I use mostly is down for maintenance.  If I find anything, I will get back with you on any research being done.
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hey tell your busy a ol grunt said hi, and keep your head down.
and  a bif welcome home sory bro about the sisuation, we ddi our duty and they ddi it to us!!!! hang in there.
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