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VA Hospital Health Records

It is highly recommended to periodically make a Freedom of Information Act request for every single page of your VA records. They don't charge for this. You will often find all sorts of statements inside that you may not be aware of, often derogatory or altered from what was actually said. Unfortunately there is no provision in the system for you to correct these comments. Every words you say to a VA physician or social worker, even in "casual" conversation, may end up forever on the record, to pop up years later. With the VA there is no such thing as "off the record". My own personal advice is to be wary of any VA psychiatrist and not to have any words whatsoever with them unless you seek a PTSD disability. If you do so wear a digital tape recorder. Record every session, but don't bring this to their attention. Under no circumstances should you ever admit to any violation of law to anyone at the VA. You may or may not have any access to psychiatric records, but years later, if you end up in court the judge will see them. If you are in an an auto accident and sign a "release of medical records form" the insurance company will see them. In addition VA psychiatrists have an anti-gun bias and routinely notify BATF of veterans undergoing psychiatric treatment, and forever ban them from owning firearms or ammunition.
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thank you for the info
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The VA has some very caring physicians and nurses, however the organization is a bureaucracy. You may be stunned to view comments in the consults that twist your words, and make you appear in a most unfavorable light. I have a personal extremely low opinion of the psychiatrists employed by the VA and the psychiatric services.. My experience is anecdotal. To give you an example of the innacuracies several years ago I was walking down the street and was brutally assaulted without provocation by the bodyguards of a multi-millionaire. It was caught on video. I did not resist and ended up in the emergency ward at the VA. I sued them, and seven years later (these civil cases drone on and on), when the records were brought into court the VA notation on the ER report stated "patient was in a fight in a bar"! If it were not for the videotape I would have lost the case. I was working at the time and nowhere near a bar. Just minding my own business walking down the street. I found the VA physician who wrote that report and she stated; "I wouldn't have said that if I didn't have evidence at the time!".
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this is true I had my evidence in their paper shreddars
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Unless you are involved in a PTSD determination never EVER agree to speak with a VA psychiatrist. They will lie through their teeth and say "I just want to have a few words, and this is not an evaluation". You will invariably receive an adverse evaluation in your permanant records. So basically, having ANY conversation with a VA psychiatrist is "plan stupid". I was casual friends with the late Dr. Thomas Szasz, a noted psychiatrist who wrote a dozen books, including "The Myth of Mental Illness." He documents a funny incident were a dozen medical students were tasked with appearing at emergency rooms with a note for a "psychiatric consult". Every single med student received an evaluation of a "serious psychiatric problem", most being diagnosed as being bi-polar!   A few were involuntarily hospitalized in a psych ward for "further evaluation". After the experiment the hospitals refused to expunge the records.
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yeah I know this too
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