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What did the military do to me?

Ok, here goes, I have to be a medical mystery because one person cannot possible have all this **** wrong with them and "NOT" have anything major.I posted this in the Neurology section due to most problems seem Neurological.I need a doctor that will put the puzzle together instead treating only the symptoms.  I am 47, white, female who was in the US Marine Corps for 17 years until medically discharged for FIBROMYALGIA (if it really exists or thats what I REALLY have???) 12 years ago. I currently only have the VA for medical and they only seem to treat the symptoms at the time instead really looking at the big picture on whats going on here.  I will PAY anyone who can figure this out or has a clue!!  I am allergic to tons of medicines and if not, then the longer I take one I then become allergic to it.  I don't drink (but did years ago occasionally).  I quit when it seemed like my body could not procees the alcohol, kinda like not processing the meds and become allergic to them. I do not take pain meds as I don't like the way I feel on them and I have a 11 year  old to take care of.  Mothers side of family consists of over 100 people living and NOTHING like I have effects any of them.  DO NOT know my BIO father.

Diagnosis so far:  FIBRO, Graves disease raidioactivated gland on Active duty (now hypothryroid on meds .112 levo), IBS, Migraines.  6 1/2 yrs ago got sudden gallbladder pain and have the pain chronically, wakes me up at night and not triggered by fatty foods, radiates to right upper back and down to hip, all tests show nothing. Diagnosed with H-pyloria, and positive for the 1st test for Addisons Disease, but border line for the second test. 5 years ago developed tingling in both my arms, left was worse and after a year of pain the VA finally did surgery for rotator cuff being torn.  Right arm still has the tingling all the way to my fingers. And after the surgery I still have it in my left arm. I have severe neck pain, when I lay down it fells like my head is filling up with fluid and the pressure is sooooo bad I have to sit up to alleviate it, then it feels like its drain then I can lay down again. I am going broke going to Chiropractors 4 adjustments. They help for alittle while, sometimes for only hours though.  Bulg dics C3,4,5,  5 years ago and now they are not bulged any more. Last MRI (May 08) showed compression on spinal cord mid backand something with bones in my neck. 3 1/2 years old had shingles and then 2 months later a terrible migraine and received two shots Immetrex, a few days later I had blurred vision and was told I had a stroke behind left eye, that has left me with spotty vision in the left eye. two months after that I had a terrible toohache, botched root canal and ended up having two teeth pulled to be later diagnosied with Trygeminal Neuralgia. Then a year ago I hand pain in the right thumb and had surgery on it for trigger finger in July of 08. No for the last two months I have it in my left thumb.  3 months ago I had a headache for two weeks straight that didn't seem llike a normal headache and when the tylonol, gabapentin and sinus meds didn't knock it out I went to the the VA.  They said white blood cells in urine, fever of 101, gave me antibiotics and sent me home. Was worse next day, went back, they sent me out in town where they did a spinal tap and said the pressure was elevated at entry and after a 3 day stay I went home with little to no headache. (only thing I was on was OXYGEN, (My oxygen levels are great even without it). 1 week later the headache returned with vision issues and it felt like my brain was on fire, no fever but I was melting ice packs on my head for two days it felt like it was on fire.  After waiting for 2 hours to be seen, the VA PA I saw ,wanted to send me to Psych. for an eval so I left. I WAS NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!  Who would want to live like THIS????  I don't like pain, nor pain meds...don't even ask for them!
Two days ago I started to feel the same pain and clicking in my right forefinger, pain ONLY in the right middle and ring finger. Pain in the LEFT forefinger also.I  was started taking some supplements (Specific for Adrenal gland, Gall bladder, Liver and Kindeys) 2 months ago and after 3 weeks the gall bladder etc. pain went away.  Now I'm out of those and the returned in full force.  My massage therapist suggested them to HEAL the organs to function better as the tests I have had showed nothing abnormal, excepting that the pain has gotten worse over the last 6 1/2 years!  Now its back full force. I have extreme fatigue, no appetite but am nautious alot of the time, stay hydrated even though the more fluids I drink the worse the gall bladder, kidney area pain becomes WORSE, loose stools and can feel my abdominal muscles spasming alot of the time. I am extremely cold, if the outside temp is below 70 my hands hurt severly, so I just moved from MN to FL.  Been here one month and feel WORSE!!  Neg. test for lymes, I have broken two mercury thermometers accidently, worked in NBC in the Corps and around HF and VHF radio equipment. I wasn't "in country" during the 1st gulf war, but was in contact with equipment that was and sexually active with one that was in country front lines.  I have two children 24 and 22 that now have similar illnesses, my 11 year old seems to have some at this time.
Okay I am not nuts just desparate!   I believe life is too short to let this control my life, up unitl now I have not let it control me but, it is getting more and more difficult to bear the pains, My quality of life *****, plain and simple.  SOmething I have said here has to mean something to someone that has been overlooked or denied.  I have heard in the past I could have "something or another" but they always say "ITS RARE".  Just cuz its rare doesn't mean I don't have it!  I just want it to go away or be treated for the right thing not just blown off. I can't work, short term memory is horrible, driving is difficult and out at night. Went thru menopause already, no cycle in over 4 years and am 47. Bruise easliy, itch all the time, digestive issues, dry eyes that are always blood shot. My blood pressure is always low 100 or less over 60-80.  Am always cold also.  I get this feeling all of a sudden like I am running a fever for a while ,face burning up then all of a sudden I'm freezing then its gone.  My mouth now feels like I am licking a 9volt battery with tigling accross my teeth and in my face. NERVE RELATED?!?!!?  But which ones ????   PLEASE!!,  I know you guys read these posts but I really need help here.  We as vets stand up voluntarily to defend our country and then get worse health care than welfare recipients.  I get what I pay for, NOTHING!!!  I don't want to be their test rabbit.  I probably glow in the dark by now with all the radiation tests, xrays, CT scans and MRI's I have had. SOmeone has to have a clue or suggestion for what to look for or try.   I hope I didn't forget anything as the lists seems to grow!!  By the way in case your wondering it took me 4 hours just to type this!  I need sugestion to take to someone or someone willing to see me.   I have wasted 12 years of my life  looking for answers to no avail.   I'm too young to die or live in this kinda of pain for 20 more years...I would gladly cut off my legs to get rid of this pain.  PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
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Hi, I'm an AF vet, 12 years.  I read where you said you were not "in country"....but; did you receive any of the vaccinations that the military was giving to troops that were being deployed?
Were you in contact with any equipment that was painted with any special coatings that was going to the middle east?  Or in contact with any equipment coming back?

Be sure you have a copy of all of your active duty as well as VA medical records as well.
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Hello, Yes I beleive i did get those shot as THe Marine Corps at that time was gearing up Combat Replacement Companys (as they called them then) Companys to replace the ones in the middle East this would have been around Dec. 1990 till I arrived In Okinawa JA, Feb 1991. I had said I was in the Communications Field and after the 1st war ended and all the equipment came back, including the souvenier tanks from The bad guys,  they were displayed on my base and some of the comm. vehicles were handled to remove comm gear. Yes I have all those records, They don't do any good as NO ONE reads them any ways.  I  have a hard time getting someone at the VA to read the previous Dr. reports or notes.  I went Fri. for an EMG and it was so traumatic and the Neurologist was so condescending I was in tears the whole visit! The attitude is "You have Fibromyalgia" and thats it.  Everything new is that and nothing COULD be new, its all Fibro.  No one will look beyand that or for anything in addition to it.  The sooner I die the more money they save is how I look at it.  THey get paid the same whether they do something or not.  Thanks for the reply!   Go agin today to the pain clinic, YEA!!  Another chance to feel degraded!!
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Is there another VA you can go to?  Have you filed a claim with the VA yet?
There is a website I want you to check out for filing a claim VAWatchdog.org all vets should read this website; it has tons of up-to-date information concerning the VA...stuff the VA doesn't want us to know!!

Another possibility is to apply for fee basis care.  That is where the VA agrees to pay for you to  be seen by civilian docs.  Each VAMC has a financial office that handles this...you have to be able to prove that the VA hasn't been able to help you; which is quite obvious...this is also where your copies of your medical records and all test results come in.  

Check out the VAWatchdog.org site as I think you will find some helpful info on there.
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Thanks, I did check out that website anf the article onthe Gulf war Illness and what they found.........Amazing!  I have actually been sick since late 1991, just thought it older age and whatever else fit at the time.  Its funny how the Chiropractor I saw  over a year and half ago said the same stuff then on what the gulf war illness really is caused from.  He was a Navy Doc at that time and had info into secret documents about it.  Finally someone is listening...Maybe!  The article is right too about the VA thinking we are all nuts or malingering.  I went yesterday to the PAIN clinic at the VA and he said "no one should do surgery on me as it won't help, and that I should go to a "IN PATIENT" pain clinic in Tampa. for 18 days. I have a 11 year old at home so it can't happen till the summer for sure.  So until then?????  I'm still in the same **** different day syndrome and "They" did their part.  This pain doc had already heard about my "Traumatic-nightmarish" EMG that was performed on Friday afternoon about 3pm.  What do they all sit around and talk about me "the nutcase?!?!?!".  YOu asked if I can go to another VA, well no this one is only 10 miles from me and I was driving 130 miles one way to two diferent ones in Minnesota before I moved here about 3 to 4 times a month. You go to the closest one.  They can only fee service you out if the VA can't do the procedure or doesn't have that kind of doc at another one.  They are fee svcing me out for left trigger finger surgery on my thumb in Jan.  What I NEED them to pay for is the deep tissure massage therapy and chiroprator adjustments bu they won't because they don't recognize their treatments to pay for.   And not all VA's pay for the same stuff. I got two pair of glasses at a time in MN and here you get one.  Fargo would pay for chiropratic care if I went to Fargo.  I wasn't driving 260 miles RT for that when it was cheaper to pay 30 buck local and a time thing too.
I have been in the VA medical system since 1997 and been to 5 of them.  They ALL suck.  Half of the time because I'm female the primary care person is not a real MD they are only nurse practioners or PA's. They don't seem able to treat anything just forward consults.  SOrry Just venting I guess!!!
have a great day and thanks for replying!!
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I understand completely.  I'm a female vet also...I was just in the ER at my local VA 2 days ago as I thought my appendix was going (they said it was fine).  I so hate the treatment that females get at the VA..grrrrrr.

Hey, feel free to vent anytime.  

I was actually approved for fee basis once for some gyn surgery (our VA doesn't even have a gyn doc).

Take care,
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