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Where are medical records from Fitzsimons Army Hospital?

I was sent to Fitzsimons Army Hospital in November 1994 to have left ankle reconstruction.  I am trying to find those records and since the hospital closed in 1999, I am not sure where to find them.  I believe my surgery was on 9 November 1994.  Can you help me find copies of these records?


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what I did is got a hold of some appiotments I had in the service with the mental health clinic at the AFB normally they send records to Washington dc if you don't have copies its hard to prove anything :)
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They have a seven year retention mandate. That being said, there is a possibility the records were transferred to Washington for storage. The bad news is that, even for those records so stored, they were not indexed, and retrieval is very labor intensive. You have to file a Freedom of Information Act request with the military and in that request (1) ask for the records (2) If the records are not available, where they might be stores and to provide you with a point of contact to retrieve them. The military is extremely slow in answering these requests. A made one such request, which they lost. A second request was also "lost". It took three years to get a reply.
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