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have requested new forum: PTSD--leave support

please know that I have left request on: medhelp suggestion forum for a new forum to be added: PTSD....though can see they need help for definition of PTSD:  they state it is post traumatic shock disorder and everyone (I thought) knew it was post traumatic stress disorder.  anyway, if you could leave post on that site, so that we can have this forum I sure would appreciate it.
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Who is the 'they' that is referring to it at Post Traumatic Shock...?

During WWI it was referred to as shell shock, then in WWII as combat neurosis.
But ptsd in women was referred to by Freud as hysteria, denying even what he'd discovered in his own studies because the medical community at that time was so against acknowledging the impact of trauma in women.

It took many years to get PTSD recognized and acknowledged in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - that's what's used for diagnostic and medical purposes, SSI/SSD, many federally funded assistance programs, etc.
Prior to the "DSM-IV" PTSD wasn't even a recognized medical condition. PTSD has been in the DSM IV and V.

Does anyone know if there's a new DSM out?

Thanks to anyone able to contribute information or resources for PTSD induced by any trauma, even in addition to combat. Best Regards ~
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the PTSD mental health was coined after Vietnam though do not know exact year.  Many soldiers where given many other kind of mental health problems and some were over dosed on serious meds and suffered permanent damage from those meds.  The VA/Congress finally developed a site for PTSD and then others were slowly diagnosed with it.  You are right that in World War II and Korean war is was called:  shell shocked and battle fatigue.  The we I was talking about is this site:  medhelp or who ever listed it under definitions.  But as far as I know:  it is still means:  Post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Thanaks for trying to get PTSd added, but as you can see look at the apathay, many dont even know what the letters stand for, and more dont even have  inkling of what a combat vet lives with day and night.

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It's not just combat vets who live with PTSD.  I was active duty for 12 years and have PTSD due to being raped by a fellow service member.  Sadly, this is much more common than the military and the VA is willing to admit.  Was I a "combat vet"?  To most the answer is no.  To me the answer is yes...I fought hand-to-hand combat for my life with someone who wore the same uniform I did...the sneakiest enemy of them all.

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JKJ, I am sory for what happened to you, and i agree with you it more common than some  people think or realize.But it is in my opione in the same catgory og a person in almost dail combat, like wlkaing point and not not knowing if yuo was doing it right or not, all night incomeing- mortar and rockekts, your best frind spattered all ove r you, ik could go on and on. I am not even sure it should be callled PTSd for combat Vets. , but thats teh label put on us.I am sure yuo ahve to live daily as well with yuoe rape, and i am sory that happenedm may God, bless and help you.

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Someone suggested looking at the sexual abuse threads..when I did I about got sick to my stomach! It was too much for me to read. That was the worst idea ever. I suffer from PTSD from abuse but I sure don't want to read that kind of information while trying to heal. We do need some kind of place here.
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This is an old thread you have brought back, there is a PTSD forum it has changed since then , ..check it out and we also have an Abuse forum a lot fo folks get good help there take a look.
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