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medical waiver for PTSD

I want to re-enlist in the Army. The problem is that upon my discharge in 2006 I had some emotional problems. I was diagnosed with PTSD by the VA and am receiving  30% disablilty payments monthly. I'm going back to the therapists to inform them that I feel fine and have not had any adverse symptoms (trouble sleeping, aggressiveness, replays, deep depression, etc) in about a year. I want to cease the disability payments that I feel I no longer am entitled to. Will the fact that I was at one time receiving disablility payments for PTSD exclude me from re-enlisting.  
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I'm surprised no one's responded to your question as of yet! I hope you're able to find the answers; I'd like to know myself. Just don't sacrifice your 30% - i.e. don't sign any waivers to re-enlist. I repeat ~ do not give up your comp & pen.
You said you feel you're no longer entitled to the disability payments!!! Man, don't guilt yourself! Any one that's served and is honorably/general discharched is eligible and deserving of payment!!! Dang! You're not just sitting on your butt, you're willing to re-enlist, give yourself a break. Do the next right thing in front of you and keep yourself busy! There are many, many ways you can be in service using your prior service as a foot in the door! This nation needs you to serve here ~ even if it's not back in the Army.
You have a contribution to make & are so needed by our active duty military and their families in so many other ways ~ make it happen and it will work for you! Peace ~ W.
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I've never heard of anyone being able to re-enlist after being dx with PTSD and receiving C&P for it.  But LZFreedom is right.  There are many things to do here.  Do you work?  Do you go to school?  Use your GI Bill benefits?  Perhaps you could volunteer at your local VA hospital.

If you're really set on going back into the service, you have to check the re-enlistment code on your DD214.  If you are near a military base/post; phone them or write them, letting them know what the code is and they will let you know if you are eligible or not.  Do not contact the VA!  They are quick to take money away and slow to give it back.
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I am an air force nurse and do not work on the med boards, but I do not believe with a 30% disability they will let you back in. Also DO NOT waive or get rid of your VA benefits, once they're gone, they gone forever for that condition. So even if you could get back into the Army, if you had a relapse, you would NOT be entitled to that benefit again. If you had a hearing loss or something like that, then you could get those benefits, to cover that condition. Stay with the VA, find something beyond the Army. If you really want to serve, serve as a civilian employee (or contractor). You can keep your VA and still fight-the-fight.
Good Luck!
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Sorry, need to ammend my preious statement. If you have a 30% or greater, it is Unlikey they will let you back in. Sorry!
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i have to say congrats hun! Proud of all soliders from around the world, i have family that were victims of war and dont talk about it, so to have the courage to go back is awesome :D

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I am very proud of you for having served, and especially proud you want to get back in uniform. It is common to have this kind of a problem after coming home from a war, and you are fortunate it has gone away. As you know, acceptance of the PTSD "package" from the VA is a mixed blessing. A faustian bargain, if you will. To maintain your benefit you have to continue with their psychiatric "treatment" and maintain the fiction you are still ill. The benefit rate can go up and down, depending on what you say. I don't think you are going to be able to go into the active army, but you might want to try the reserves or National Guard.
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I too, am trying to re-enlist. I started in the marine corps, after 4 years and 2 combat deployments to iraq i got out (worst move I ever could have done). I was also diagnosed with PTSD. Honestly, it took me a LONG time for me to find a recruiter who was willing to work with me, because people with dissabilities (regardless of military related or not) automatically puts you out of category A type.. and because recruiting is so high in competition, sadly most recruiters that I delt with aren't willing to do the paper work for us.. When/if you find a recruiter who will try and work with you, they are going to have to send your paperwork to the medical board at MEPS, every branch has different standards. ( JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE PTSD DOES NOT DQ YOU FROM ENLISTING).... so have faith brother and go recruiter hunting.
NOTE: It DOES help if you go to a civilian doctor and have them re-revaluate your PTSD and if they feel that they don't see any symptoms of it, have the doctor write it in a letter and bring that in to the recruiter when you are ready. ALSO. When you go to re-enlist, call the VA and have them hold your claim, NO IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR DISABILITY FOREVER, it's very frustrating people trying to give you advice and they have NO idea what they are talking about. The reason I told you to go through a civilian doctor, because to have the VA re-evaluate your claim, it takes from 6 to 9 months for them to re open your claim and do it... so civilian doctor is WAY faster. Don't EVER give up on your dreams, I am having withdrawals from the military BAD and know the situation you are in, if you have any more questions, email me at ***@****. Semper Fi
Thanks for sharing I've been out for a while now and I always thought that I couldn't get back in because of my PTSD diagnosis. It's good to know that there is still hope and I still have time to try.
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If all else fails, try enlisting in a voluntary regiment, in this way you could find a means to prove yourself able and fit to return to a regular regiment, it has happened with other physical excluded sypmptoms, they have been unchanged but accepted, such as flat feet, your condition however IS changed, so perhaps its a possibility. never give up until all doors have been absolutely closed, fobbed off with any excuse...expect that in every office, they want to see how determined/dedicated to joining up you are to start with sometimes . so keep goin at it, and try every avenue , and then try again..also consider should you essentially fail in all of this....perhaps another role.still mostly centred around the forces, as well as in helping others overcome,PTSD,  you have , lead others perhaps.?? Its  an idea.  And self employed, you wont be descriminate against yourself though now will you?!! ;D
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Thank you for serving, I wish you all the best!

- servicetabs.com -
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If you made it in awesome. If you didn't, keep going and find the right path to get back in. Don't give up. There is a way and I'm looking for a way too. Wanting to go back, your not thinking of the money. It's just the only way we know and dying a beautiful death knowing you gave it all for your loved ones. It's just unfinished business that being in country can't satisfie.
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