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Anything I Can Do?

I'm a proud military wife and just found out the beginning of March that hubby and I have finally conceived. I've had trouble before and there's a history of miscarriage in the family. I'm worried about the health of my baby and really wanted to get a doctor's appointment soon. I got my referral through in record time but when I called my OB/GYN they won't see me until Aprill 22nd. I don't want to wait close to a month to see if my baby's okay! I'm so frustrated and I keep crying, is there anything you ladies know of that can help me see my doctor sooner?

I'm really worried because while I'm having nausea I'm not having any morning sickness, I'm a little over 7wks now and really the only symptoms I have are back pain and a tendency to be weepy. If any of you ladies have been through this before or know what I can do to see a doctor sooner please let me know. Thank you so much!
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The only symptoms I had when I was pregnant were nausea occasionally, not being able to eat certain foods, and for a week or two EXTREMELY sore breasts. I didn't have anything else. That pregnancy resulted in my now 20 month old son. So I wouldn't worry too much if you're not having a lot of symptoms, just consider yourself lucky. Try to relax and not stress, it's not good for you or baby.
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i was never nausous. i had the easiest pregnancy an labor imagineable. every person is different and stress will only cause stress on the baby. so relax. take nice baths, get a massage, make love with your hubby. eveeything will be fine. if your extremely worried call the doctors ofice and tell hwm about the miscarriage history and that ur not feeling right. im sure thy would change ur appointment. and people cancel appointments all the time. calll daily and see if theres any open apptments
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