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Does anyone ever feel like they don't really have any friends? I hang out with my neighbor occasionally, but not often. We both have children under two, so we take them to different events on base once in a while. But I never truly feel like I have a friend. All my friends from before the army, I barely talk to anymore, if I talk to them at all...I feel so alone sometimes, being in a foreign country doesn't help...I hope when we move back to the states I find more people to talk to. Having people on MH is great, I just wish it could be an actual conversation sometimes, instead of staring at a computer typing...
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I know what you mean. Except Im not in a foreign country. Id make small talk with my neighbours but not much. They are smokers so they are always sitting outside smoking. Im not a smoker so I dont have reason to hang out and strike up a conversation.

My hubby introduced me to a friend of his wife but she was 14 years older than me and very depressed and emotionless. Shes also in a relationship and life style that she says is her decision but Im sure he pushed her into it. He has an ego the size of the milkyway. So we didnt see them anymore.

I met another one of hubbys friends wives. She is 12 years older than me but doesnt seem so distant as we have much in common The only thing is I find their relationship weird also. He proposed after dating 2 months (all of which he was doing work in another town) They didnt know each other much before dating either. She was in the military at one point so I can see where she can give advice, but shes never dated an army guy before this one (they have only been together 8 months). She says you knew hed be gone lots, its the life, you wont see him, get used to it, be prepared to spend your whole married life alone.... yada yada yada. Yet she was gone for a weekend and it was like hell froze over with how much they both couldnt handle being away from each other.

So I guess I do have A friend, we just arent completely on the same page like id hoped and look fro in a friend. Feel free to always message me as Im board as H E L L with hubby gone.  Much Love, Elle
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LOL oh how we all feel the same way im not in a different country either but i find now that my partner/hubby to be is away none of our old friends really bother to keep intouch and that includes family so i know where ur coming from saying u feel alone im in a town atm where i know no one but my neighbours and they are a great deal older then me but they chat and keep an eye out on me as he is a retired war vet and she understands what its like and i find its alot harder to find real friends when u have children and they dont as ur intrests differ a great deal. I guess thats why someone made this forum and im glad they did its nice to read what others have to say and realise were not all alone out here:)
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Ive moved twice in the last 7 months and I feel like I have no friends! You ladies are my strength!
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oh dont worry ive been here over 2 years and we only have friends with one family(and we've grown apart alot). for my baby shower i will have to resort to inviting all my work "friends". so maybe ill get lucky and have like 10 ppl there :( ick!
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Heres a question.... Does anyone else think they are the only 'normal' or sane ones on their base? Ive met many people but the few wives Ive gotten to know are actually nuts! I told my husband I miss my cousin cuz she is normal and a great friend. My cousin is kinda crazy, HYPER and all that so hubby made the comment that you know people here are crazy when SHE is the normal one. lol
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