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I'm 19, female, college student, aspiring scientist. I have been treated for ADHD with Vyvanse for almost two years now and have recently been diagnosed with a mood disorder. My doctor gave me a script for a mood stabilizer, but I want to do something more than just take pills. I need to actively do something more to help get my life on track. I can't just leave pills to be my sanity anchor. Any suggestions?

Ps. I am really interested in meditation/chakra/yoga/reiki/etc.
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Hi Mary Mary,

Good for you for taking control over your health!:)  Yes, there are many ways to support mood stabilization besides pills, although sometimes pills are needed at least until things are stable and you can start to wean off under your doc's supervision.  Pick a time each day, the same time and preferably at the start of the day, to do a 20 minute yoga or meditation practice.  

If you are a mover and find it hard to sit, start with yoga and you can add in mantras, or focusing techniques you say in your head as you move through the poses:)  Pranayama, or yogic breathwork is also a good choice and has many health benefits.  

If you need some suggestions and guidance to get you started, on AskDrDani.com I have lots of free resources on the blog, like a yoga for beginners video class, 5 minute meditations, etc.  Hope this helps you and good luck with your studies!
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