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Worst experience ever!!! Getting iud removed now!

I had my implanon removed from my arm on friday 9/7/2012, very quick
and painless. I decided to get the Mirena instead of the implanon
again since It would last 5 years versus only 3 years. It was the most
excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I scream when
she first had to measure my uterus and then screamed again when she
actually inserted the Mirena. I was given 800mg of Ibprofen before the
procedure, which didnt help at all. I am glad I had someone there to
drive me, I cried the whole way home from the intense cramping. When I
got home all I could do was lay in the bathtub with warm/hot water to
try to soothe the pains. The pain wouldnt go away. I took a 500mg
vicodin and laid down to try to go to sleep but couldnt because then I
started to get nauseous. So I started to throw up. Im guessing it was
from the vicodin. I hadnt eaten anything since that morning. I couldnt
make a bowel movement for about 2 days. I was so scared to go because
i didnt want to push the mirena out after i had gone through all of
this. I would never ever do this again. It was the worse experience
ever. It is now 11/2/2012, ive still been having sharp pains in my uterus, and now I have noticed my strings are hanging way lower than before. i am also having pregancy symptoms. Throwing up, moody, and other things. I have an appointment on Monday to get it removed. I have never been so unsettled about birth control until i had the mirenea inserted.
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