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Mirena, my experiancers

Not a question.
Hi to all. I am posting this as a sort of diary. Perhaps people out there may want to no what my experiancers are like in regards to having a Mirena.
I'll start with, I am 35 years old, I have had no children. I Had the Mirena fitted yesterday. The only reason I had it done was to control exstreamly heavey periods. ( when I say heavy I mean I they have never been regular, can sometimes be flowing for 3 weeks non stop. I have even been put into hospital a few times due to blood loss. Can't wear tampons as they just fall out within a hour, and I go through a pack or 12 heavy flow pads in 1 day)
I use to have a male doctor who just said there was nothing that could be done, that I was a female and these things are to be expected. And that nothing could be done. I believed him as he has always been my doctor he even delived me. But last year he past away. It was sad as I've none him for over 30years.
So it ment I needed to fine a new doctor. I did SHE recommended the Mirena.
I had it inserted yesterday, while I was under. So far so good. I did get a bit sick after but that's probly be due to the meds they used to put me under or the pain killers after. They can be inserted buy your doctor without being put under but not always exspeshaly if you have never given birth. I am feeling a little sick and sore right now, (14 hrs later) and when I awoke it felt like bad period pain, cramping and bloating,  but the doctor did say this would probley happen. So I hope in the next 3 months things will improve. Because as soon as it dose I'm going swimming and camping whitch I've not been able to do with any conference since I started my periods at the age of 10.
I will get back to you all soon. Buy  
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